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The Rest Of The Story book pdf download for free or read online, also The Rest Of The Story pdf was written by Tal Bauer.

BookThe Rest Of The Story
AuthorTal Bauer
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The Rest Of The Story Book PDF download for free

The Rest Of The Story Book PDF download for free

Tal writes the best sports novels. This book really represented a team coming together and coming back from something traumatic. The character development and supporting characters were very well written. Morgan was amazing and performed in a way most people wouldn’t. I loved Shea and I didn’t feel like I missed it because it was just from Morgan’s point of view. I was excited as I usually read a Tal Bauer book.

The friendships formed and their mutual protection are heartbreaking. They want them to win and gain a foothold. I feel like it really touched on something that people are going through, but I don’t know how to tell anyone what’s going on. I loved hockey and felt it accompanied me on the journey. Thanks for another such great read!

The Rest Of The Story Pdf Download

The rest of the story is contemporary hockey romance and more. The only complaint I have isn’t with the story itself, but that the blurb that describes the book only scratches the surface. Yes, the novel is a hockey romance, but it’s also a heartbreaking tale of leadership, growth, and resilience. The main character, Morgan “Moogs” Elsher, is a trauma survivor who sees himself as an average gamer, average guy, nothing out of the ordinary.

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When he’s traded to the Rocky Mountain Outlaws, he convinces himself to give the bottom team a shot, despite being tempted to give up and hide out in Key West. He joins a struggling team in Boulder, and his inner leader quickly emerges.

The rest of the story unfolds through Morgan. We got to know and love him through his doubts and determination. We also meet the rest of the Outlaws, including rookies Shea and Brody. Author Tal Bauer gives us a fantastic insight into Morgan’s mind with his thoughts: “I set off this morning like a racehorse that was shot yesterday and hasn’t died yet.” Another popular description is found when Morgan compares himself to Shea: “All his ducks were in a row.

Mine were… wild and screaming in my mental pond.” When the team and its players come together, multi-level relationships are formed between the players, their families, team management and the fans. The complex characters are taken apart and put back together, “a kaleidoscope that shifts pieces of broken pearls and twists glass into beautiful new shapes”.

While I have loved everything Tal Bauer has written, The Rest of the Story is her best novel yet and my new favorite book of all time. If you read the book description and are tempted to skip this one as “another hockey romance”, don’t! I cannot recommend this book enough. Read it, you won’t regret it!

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