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The Notorious Lord Sin Past book pdf download for free or read online, also The Notorious Lord Sin pdf was written by Tamara Gill.

BookThe Notorious Lord Sin
AuthorTamara Gill
Size525 KB

The Notorious Lord Sin Book PDF download for free

The Notorious Lord Sin Book PDF download for free

Paris Smith remembers the days when she was penniless only too well. The pain of being thought unmarried by her first love never quite subsided. Now she’s a widowed countess with more money than she could spend, and the man who almost destroyed her wants a second chance. Oh how deliciously the tables have turned…

The last thing Dominic Parker wanted was to hurt Paris. He had loved her with all his heart. But he had to marry well to protect the Viscounty, so he broke his head over his heart and broke hers in return. Now everything has changed. And while he’s pretty sure he can persuade her to let him into her bed, getting back into her heart is a whole different thing…

The Notorious Lord Sin Pdf Download

Is it possible to work against him with the sins of the past and the mysteries of the present? Or are Paris and Dominic destined for lovesickness again?

I love the second chance trope and this one was a good one! After reading the prologue, Dominic Parker, Viscount Astoridge, was supposed to be there today to offer her marriage, but instead he told Miss Paris Smith that they could not marry, because he had to marry an heiress, as he was for so many responsible for things, people and needed a large dowry to provide for the Viscounty.

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Even when she reminded him of this, he took her innocence and might be pregnant, but told her that it was medically proven that a maid could not get pregnant the first time. Well, when Dominic reappeared, which was five years later, I was concerned I would never get over his unforgivable actions, but this author’s talent changed my mind.

It has not been an easy journey for this couple (or for the reader) as they have a lot of baggage from the past, emotions ran wild and tears (mine) flowed at will. In the end, Dominic and Paris got their HEA and life to wait and not come back.

The Notorious Lord Sin is a second chance in the love book. It’s about Paris and Dominic. When they met, Paris was poor, but she sensed that Dominic would marry her, so she gave herself to him. One afternoon when she thought Dominic was going to propose to her, she was heartbroken when he broke up with her instead, telling her she was too poor to get married. Five years later she is widowed with money and he is broke. Dominic realizes he made a mistake letting Paris go and tries to win her back. Tamara Gil always writes wonderful and interesting books and I always enjoy them.

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