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The Right Move book pdf download for free or read online, also The Right Move pdf was written by Liz Tomforde.

BookThe Right Move
AuthorLiz Tomforde
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The Right Move Book PDF download for free

The Right Move Book PDF download for free

If you loved Mile High, The Right Move is even better! Liz hit us with a dunk! She’s been one of my favorites since Wattpad and she still is! From hockey to basketball, I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading anything with Liz’s name on it! She won’t let you down!! It is raw and emotional. She doesn’t save anything. She makes you laugh, cry, yell at your phone, sometimes you want to throw it away, you get mad but then you’re happy. you feel it all. And one of my favorite things is that she gets real and she touches on topics that need more attention. Mile High was mental health, this book was infertility, and she’s doing it right!

We met Stevie’s brother Ryan and her best friend Indy at Mile High! Both important people to Stevie. It was amazing getting inside her head and reading her story!

The Right Move Pdf Download

Indy, who recently broke up with a fraudulent dbag that she thought she would spend eternity with. Forced to move and move out of a hotel room. Until Stevie convinces her brother to let Indy live with him. It’s either that or she gives up the rest of her life and moves across the country.

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Ryan is calm, cool, collected, but also withdrawn! He is fine with being alone. Then you have Indy, who is a mess on her best day and the thought of being alone is enough to turn her around. She was being taken down step by step by someone who believed that she loved her. Where Ryan has been exploited in the worst way possible, so it’s understandable that he’s being protected. Both a bit broken. They collide, she invades her space, the one place she doesn’t need to be.

But little by little they are getting closer and more and more comfortable where the lines between fake dating and genuine feelings are blurring. Both begin to bring out the best in each other and help each other to heal. It’s sexy, it’s fun, there’s all that excitement that we love. It gets you into all your feelings. It’s a damn good book! It’s hot as hell! Did I mention that? Ryan and his dirty mouth from him! ? I’ll tell you the top 5 of 2023! ?‍??

Liz portends very well the great revelations of her. You can’t exactly predict her, so surprise and shock are effective as long as you can still tell that she’s giving you breadcrumbs that serve a purpose before you need more information. I found this particularly true in relation to Ryan’s past and the reasons for his emotional isolation. Indy is the perfect disruptor in Ryan’s life and her jokes are kitchen kiss. I feel like the fake dating trope is so popular right now that it can become quite redundant, but Indy and Ryan felt unique and natural.

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Getting to know Ryan as more than just his relationship with Stevie was very special and makes what we see of him in Mile High all the more sentimental. I love the protective nature of him at the same time that he is so supportive and uplifting at the same time. Indy has my whole heart. I want her to be my best friend. Her struggle to discover where she fits in outside of the life she’s known before, knowing her worth and accepting no less than what she deserves, has been absolute perfection. She is such a relatable character. Not spoiling anything, just meet that hot book girl – she’s one of us 😉

Rio and Indy’s friendship means everything to me. I love this boy and I just want to hold him and protect him even though I know he is a grown man three times my size and plays for the NHL. I don’t care lmao he is my little boy and I will protect him at all costs.

We get the absolutely perfect amount of Stevie and Zander in this book! It was a comforting and natural transition from Mile High. It didn’t feel like we had completely lost her without overshadowing or surpassing Ryan and Indy and their story. I appreciated that they were more involved than a little cameo without running the show.

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