Download The Rogue [PDF] By Silvia Violet

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The Rogue book pdf download for free or read online, also The Rogue pdf was written by Silvia Violet.

BookThe Rogue
AuthorSilvia Violet
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The Rogue Book PDF download for free

The Rogue Book PDF download for free

Rogue can rip anyone’s pants off, but can she catch a man who might as well be a ghost?

Eight seconds on a bull was never as terrifying as falling in love with a man who could disappear at any second. I may have left the rodeo to work on my brother’s ranch, but I’ve never lost my sense of danger…and I’ve never met anyone more dangerous than Special Agent Ghost.

My overprotective brothers warned me about it, but I’ve never been one to take good advice. When Ghost and I met, he was explosive…and also a healer.

We both have secrets and neither of us thought we’d find comfort in each other’s arms, but he doesn’t know how to stay with him and I never learned how to let someone love me.

Unsure how long the fire between us will burn, we keep our relationship hidden until the day an enemy’s bullet shatters the hidden world we’ve created. Now we both have a choice to make: keep hiding our true selves or put our cards on the table and fight for the future we want… together.

The Rogue Pdf Download

The Rogue by Silvia Violet is her third book in her Texas Safehouse series. You really need to read the previous books to understand the backstories of the characters as well as the ongoing plot as they are an integral part of this book. Rogue is one of the owners of Paradise Ranch along with his brothers Grant and Rhys. He was part of the bull riding rodeo circuit and his brothers were Marines when they teamed up to buy the ranch. His father was part of a gangster group and Rogue got involved to raise money to buy the ranch, but then wanted out.

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Unfortunately, one of the members still contacted him when something needed to be done. Ghost was serving with Grant and Rhys when the FBI searched for him and he disappeared, hence his name. The ranch was being used as a refuge by unscrupulous people, so it was under surveillance. Ghost was at work and needed information from Grant. This is how he and Rogue met and an instant attraction developed between the two. The story continues as they get to know each other and think it might be something unique, but then realize they can’t stay away from each other.

Meanwhile, the investigation has been busy, including some mob stakeouts, some shootings, and some hideouts. It also involved Rogue and Ghost finding a way to be together and have happy endings. I have enjoyed all the books in this series. The characters are complex and each have a sad backstory that made them the men they are today. Supporting characters have also been added to the story and if you read the previous books you will understand where they come from as they both help and hinder Rogue and Ghost.

There was a lot of action in the story, some of it quite graphic, which left you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen next and if they were going to get ahead of the situations they found themselves in. . There were also a lot of hot love scenes between them. I highly recommend this book, especially if you like action and some suspense, and I look forward to reading the next one in the series.

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