Download A Crown of Cruel Lies [PDF] By Lana Pecherczyk

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A Crown of Cruel Lies book pdf download for free or read online, also A Crown of Cruel Lies pdf was written by Lana Pecherczyk.

BookA Crown of Cruel Lies
AuthorLana Pecherczyk
Size811 KB

A Crown of Cruel Lies Book PDF download for free

A Crown of Cruel Lies Book PDF download for free

Fae can’t lie.

That is the golden rule woven into the people of Elphyne, but to the deaf elf guardian Aeron, he knows this is not true. Lies are told between the lines, deceived and with false hopes.

When he appears in Spring Court with his newly found broken human companion in his arms, he discovers the cruelest lie of all. He is not who he thought he was. His entire life was orchestrated… even this moment… even this new love that blossomed in his heart for a human enemy with more secrets than his own.

A Crown of Cruel Lies Pdf Download

Learning to trust and accept is difficult for both of them, but with civil war around the corner, the faeries plotting to bring them down, and the corruption in the pit becoming more dangerous, they have no choice but to try. Trust can only be found when they start from within.

Only then will they know where their true enemies lurk…

Each interconnected trilogy features a different species of fairies. Each book features a different couple with a satisfying HEA. Start from the beginning for the best reading experience, or start with your favorite trilogy.

Every time I pick up the last book in the Fae Guardians series, I think, “There’s no way Lana can top the last book.” I love when she does that. I swear every book, every pair brings something new and different and wonderful, and Aeron and Trix are no exception.

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The portrayal of neurodivergence and disability in A Crown of Cruel Lies is simply exquisite. Aeron is still deaf after the events of A Symphony of Savage Hearts and the way he learns to take this new “lack” of him and “wear it like a crown” as Trix would say… oh, people. My heart can’t take how perfect these two are together.

Trix is 1000% what Aeron needed to snap him out of his musings and help him become who he was meant to be. And Aeron? His patience, love and utter devotion to Trix made me MELT. The way he values his quirks by insulting others, the way these two feed and help each other grow…it’s so good that I can’t with these two, send help I guess, my heart might fail. ..

Unconditional love and acceptance are so perfect.

There were a number of twists and turns and revelations in A Crown of Cruel Lies book, as is to be expected at this point in the series. Some weren’t that surprising, having been hinted at beforehand. Yet others (like this epilogue) have left me terrified. Just… the fact that Nero is still alive and allowed to breathe is a personal insult to me right now!

I will say one thing though: I am VERY excited for the next Leaf story. The things that Lana cooks up towards the end of this book for our favorite leprechaun with a stick up her ass are just…YES PLEASE. I AM SO READY. And the additional information we got on the sluagh also makes me want more! And Cloud is still Cloud and I still love him… (God forgive me).

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I wish I could dig deeper into A Crown of Cruel Lies book and what I particularly loved about it, but SPOILER and all, so I’ll leave it up to you: There are some moving emotional scenes in this book that struck me as to what it means these characters managed to carve more deeply into my heart than they already were. These Guardians and their Blessed Ones are everything, and I long for their happiness and triumph almost more than anything else right now.

But what is most gratifying is seeing how love has the power to repair, heal, and reveal strengths and hidden truths about oneself in a way nothing else can, and I never tire of witnessing, like Lana, this timeless story that weaves itself together. over and over again with these characters. , their relationships, their depths and all these beautiful layers.

This series is really something special and I’m already looking forward to the next part!

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