Download The Sandcastle Hurricane [PDF] By Carolyn Brown

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The Sandcastle Hurricane book pdf download for free or read online, also The Sandcastle Hurricane pdf was written by Carolyn Brown.

BookThe Sandcastle Hurricane
AuthorCarolyn Brown
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The Sandcastle Hurricane Book PDF download for free

The Sandcastle Hurricane Book PDF download for free

Cousins ​​Tabby and Ellie Mae line up for a change. Running her aunt’s bed and breakfast in Sandcastle, Texas is just what she needs to shake things up…though her life spirals out of control in more ways than one when a hurricane hits the coast. It’s a miracle they didn’t take her to Kansas. Not so lucky are the assisted living facility and a small eclectic group of locals who take shelter with the cousins.

Two estranged sisters, noisy as a circus, need a referee in a fight that goes back decades. And two veterans, best friends for years, go through bittersweet old times. There’s also handyman Alex LaSalle and his business partner Ricky, experts at repairing hurricane damage and making Tabby and Ellie Mae’s hearts beat a little faster.

As unpredictable, crowded and boisterous as it may be, the Sandcastle B and B remains the perfect retreat to heal past hurts, find romance and make up for lost time. Add Tabby’s Homemade Pecan Pie and the Texas coast feels like a little slice of paradise.

The Sandcastle Hurricane Pdf Download

The Sandcastle Hurricane is about two cousins, Tabby and Ellie Mae Landry, who inherit Sandcastle Bed & Breakfast from their beloved Aunt Charlotte. It is found on a sandbar on the south coast of Texas. They’re planning some renovations before they officially open in the spring, but not long after Hurricane Delilah hits, Hurricane Delilah will make landfall there, and while most residents have been evacuated, the sandcastle is made of stone. and has survived many hurricanes in its long history.

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Almost at the last moment, they are asked to take in 4 elderly residents of an assisted living facility who have nowhere else to go and since there is room, Tabby and Ellie Mae do exactly that, and what follows is one of the cutest, saddest and funniest. , whimsical and moving novels that have been written by Ms. Brown and I would give them more than 5 stars if she could.

Each character in this novel is very well drawn and has a lot of depth. Tabby is nearly 40 years old, 10 years older than Ellie Mae, and two years ago she lost her 16-year-old daughter Natalie to a drunk driver. She was also the reason she divorced her controlling husband, James, and she is still trying to control her anger and sadness.

Ellie Mae dropped out of high school and immediately moved in with her best friend Sam, and the two stayed together despite her family’s disapproval of her because Sam was black. Sam passed away suddenly just 3 weeks ago and Ellie Mae is still trying to come to terms with this loss. The accommodation of the 4 elderly women in the home, which was initially perceived as a nuisance, turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to the two women.

The older ones are real gems. Cleo, who ran away from home to attend a carnival and never came back. Her wisdom, rebellious spirit and her antics are priceless. Maude, her nemesis, and Cleo’s older sister, who never stops fighting with Cleo, and Homer and Frank, lifelong friends who served together in Vietnam. Also, two men are added to the mix, Alex, who rented a fishing boat before the hurricane tore it apart, Homer, who is black, and Ricky, who is mixed-race.

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Both Ellie Mae’s and Tabby’s families are racist, and although racism is addressed in this novel, it is not the central theme. Instead, the central theme of this novel is that family is what you make it: it’s the people you’re with who enrich your life, the ones you learn to love, and that has absolutely nothing to do with the DNA. It is a message that is as relevant today as it ever was.

This group of characters who start out as strangers, their antics, their problems, their history and their wisdom, are some of the things that make this novel so special and unforgettable. They made me laugh out loud, made me cry, and wished they were part of the family they would eventually become. The Sandcastle Hurricane is a novel you don’t want to miss. I feel richer reading it and I think you will too. Congratulations to Mrs. Brown for writing this absolutely wonderful and perfectly directed novel.

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