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The Shining book pdf download for free or read online, also The Shining pdf was written by Stephen King.

Stephen King is the author of more than fifty books, all world bestsellers. His first crime novel, starring Bill Hodges, MR MERCEDES won the Edgar Award for Best Novel and was shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award.

BookThe Shining
AuthorStephen King
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The Shining Book PDF download for free

The Shining Book PDF download for free

Jack Torrance’s new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. As an off-season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel, you’ll have plenty of time to reconnect with your family and get back to work on your writing. But when the harsh winter weather sets in, the idyllic spot feels increasingly remote. . . and scarier. And the only one who has noticed the strange and terrifying forces gathering around the Overlook is Danny Torrance, a five-year-old boy with a unique talent.

The Shining Book Pdf Download

The physical book itself is excellent – like new condition, perfectly comfortable size to hold, writing is a nice size and font in case anyone is interested. No typos at all which always irritate me and let me down a bit. The book itself is perfect.

Now the story: I read The Shining when I was young and it scared me terribly at the time. The dog man part in the hall scared me so much I had to stop reading for a day and leave all the lights on at night ? and I’ve never forgotten it. It’s the only book I’ve ever read that scared me like this.
This time it was the animals in the hedges that scared me so much I had to pause to relax. It’s amazing how scary King can be with just one sentence. These cover animals gave me very creepy goosebumps.

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Stephen King is a teacher. I’ve never read any other author I like as much as he does and I’m a total bookworm nerd, from literary fiction to biography to non-fiction to the back of shampoo bottles lol.
Jack’s struggle to stay sane for the sake of his family is so well written that King brings so much depth to his characters. So much detail about the inner workings of Jack and his struggle with his addiction.

His descent into madness is so perfectly timed and described. Fluently. You can feel it, the fear and tension just keep building and the way to the top is so exciting, scary and terrifying that it will be hard to put this book down even if you are so scared that you feel like your own home is watching you.

I’m on an SK reading frenzy this summer and am going through all his books, he has so many I haven’t read in years. I revisited Needful Things, The Stand, Under The Dome, Desperation and The Regulators, Mr. Mercedes trilogy (all 3 are great), Sleeping Beauties (it was nice, interesting that such a story was written by two). read men) , and I’m currently working on The Institute, but The Shining is my absolute favorite. It’s so masterfully written, the whole book is wonderfully spooky, spooky, suspenseful and terrifying. If you love Stephen King, you must read The Shining.
And then on to Doctor Sleep!

Jack Torrance has to go, anywhere is fine as long as he can find some peace and quiet. He must forget that he was fired from his teaching job for a violent attack, forget that he drank excessively, forget that he broke his young son’s arm in a fit of uncontrolled anger, and at least try to contain his seething and uncontrollable resentment to bury deep because his wife knows exactly what he really is, a violent drunken thug with a temper!

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Five months of caretaking in a supposedly haunted and extremely empty Colorado hotel cut off from the outside world by deep snow sounds pretty good. Maybe he can write the great American novel, maybe he can finish his long play, or maybe he’s just trying to murder his family!

Stephen King’s fantastic supernatural novel introduces us from page one to one of his greatest creations, the truly terrifying Jack Torrence. Like Misery’s troubled nurse Annie Wilkes, Jack is a highly complicated man who seems uncomfortable with the world around him, his high opinion of himself and intelligence at odds with his inability to see, or even just, his own deep self to accept, and ultimately fatal personal mistakes.

Like all psychopaths, Jack sees the world in relation to himself and sees his son and wife as mere extensions of himself, living in his world and expected to follow the rules as he sees them. He doesn’t outwardly hate her, but neither does he love or care for her, he just seems to accept her as necessary inconveniences he simply has to put up with in order to appear normal.

It’s his practiced outer projection of the ordinary that sets him apart from your run-of-the-mill killers, he’s the guy who doesn’t show up, the guy who mows the lawn and takes out the trash, the guy who takes his son away. . to the park, the guy who is always nice and says hello.

However, there is something old and ugly hidden inside Jack Torrence, something from his past, something rotten, something extremely dangerous, something deadly waiting to emerge.

Although The Shining is at its core a variation on a “ghost story,” King’s ability to introduce the reader to real and believable (albeit terrifying) characters takes this novel to a higher level. Jack’s tormented and often extremely uncomfortable internal narration peppers the text and even interrupts his own lines of dialogue, and in doing so we see him in a much larger light.

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We see what you say and we also know in real time what you really think. We know he’s lying, we know he’s weak and frustrated, we know he doesn’t respect or love his wife, and we know his true feelings, which he hides well from himself.

Some have said quite unfairly that it’s not “very scary” or words to that effect. It is certainly true that part of the book deals with the early years of Jack’s life and it takes some time to set the stage. However, once he’s established, the terror increases as Jack becomes more unstable and unpredictable.

The true horror of living with an undiagnosed and extremely dangerous psychopath who believes spirits are communicating with him to kill his family becomes very real. As her and Danny’s visions become “more real,” the struggle for survival intensifies, as does the pace of the book. I found it very scary, not because of the ghosts, but because of Jack’s inability to hold on to reality.

Whether the hotel really has “demons” that can affect a weak and easily overpowered mind, or whether the “demons” are its own, fully formed and operational under the right circumstances, is a debate for another time. Stephen King thought one way that the hotel was haunted and that Jack was a victim. Kubrick the other (the hotel was just a hotel) and Jack was a psycho, but whatever your side is, it’s quite a ride to find out.

I’ve always felt that King’s earlier work (before 1995) was the best. This, his third novel, is probably his second best novel after The Green Mile, and that’s saying something.

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