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The School For Good And Evil book pdf download for free or read online, also The School For Good And Evil pdf was written by Soman Chainani.

Soman Chainani’s debut series, THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, has sold over 2 million copies, has been translated into 29 languages on six continents and is soon to be made into a major motion picture.

A graduate of the MFA Film Program at Harvard University and Columbia University, Soman began his career as a screenwriter and director, and his films have screened at more than 150 film festivals around the world. He has been nominated for a Waterstone Award in children’s literature, was included in Out100, and has also received the $100,000 Shasha Grant and the Sun Valley Writer’s Fellowship, both for first-time authors.

BookThe School For Good And Evil ( The School For Good And Evil Book 1 )
AuthorSoman Chainani
Size2 MB

The School For Good And Evil Book PDF download for free

The School For Good And Evil Book PDF download for free

With her glass slippers and dedication to good deeds, Sophie knows she’ll get top marks at the School for Good and join the ranks of previous students like Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White. Meanwhile, Agatha, in her shapeless black clothes and her evil black cat, seems tailor-made for the villains of the School of Evil.

The two girls soon find their fortunes reversed: Sophie is dropped into the school of evil to chase ugliness, slay curses, and train minions, while Agatha finds herself in the school of good, thrust between handsome princes and beautiful maidens to take Princess Etiquette courses. and Animal Communication.

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But what if the mistake is actually the first clue to who Sophie and Agatha really are?

The School For Good And Evil Book Pdf Download

Wow. That was such a beautiful story. If you’re looking for a new fantasy series YA, I can’t recommend this highly enough. And it’s the author’s first book! I’m impressed. The two main characters are adorable and their adventure is not to be missed.

In The School For Good And Evil Two young friends are taken to a magical world where fairy tales are real and there is a school where children are trained to become the next great princess or fearsome witch. But when bright and beautiful Sophie ends up in the school for evil and dark and awkward Agatha in the school for good, the girls are sure a terrible mistake has been made. But did she do it?

I am a lover of children’s literature (and fairy tales). There have been some excellent offerings in this genre since Harry Potter: Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven books and the Percy Jackson series stand out in my eyes. I think The School for Good and Evil is up there with the best and could be even better. When you read a story, you know if there really is magic behind it or not, and I knew I was reading something special as I watched the story of Sophie and Agatha unfold before me.

The girls are wonderful characters. I loved seeing their strange friendship take unexpected turns. Just when I thought that I knew what was going to happen, then the author surprised me. Part of the magic of the story is how much you love and identify with a character, even when they make decisions that make you scream into the pages of the book, “No! Don’t!”

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Good and evil are anything but just black and white in this story. I was surprised by the sensitivity and depth with which the author approached these ancient topics. What makes a man a hero? What makes her a villain? How do you distinguish one from another?

The School For Good And Evil book also has a lot of humor. Sometimes I laughed out loud. It’s as charming and entertaining as a magic school should be, despite the dangers the students face.

I loved School for Good and Evil. It had everything you could want from a fantasy story: friendship, magic, heart, danger, adventure, romance… all leading up to a climax that really surprised me and one of the most satisfying endings ever.

The world structure and the concept of the Soman Empire are amazing. He has a natural ability to create a beautifully flowing story. While I loved reading Agatha and Sophie’s story, I wish Soman had given prominence to the other characters throughout the series. Both characters are capricious in their own way.


Agatha’s “kindness” is cleverly hidden from the other students. However, clues are constantly being thrown in readers’ faces that both Agatha and Sophie have their goals right. From the beginning, it is clear that Agatha only wants Sophie’s friendship and goes home.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s selfishness was evident from the start. She agreed to sacrifice Agatha for a happy ending. Sophie’s character is frankly unbearable, but there are enough aspects of her personality to make her bearable at times. I didn’t like how Sophie’s devotion wavered between Aggie, Tedros, and revenge. I also found it frustrating that Agatha stayed with Sophie despite countless betrayals. However, I can’t blame them, because these behaviors are expected of her characters. Also, the boys are quite poorly represented in this series.

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The first book in the series has the best concept (although the characters in the third could stand on their own) and an amazing ending. While the rest of the series is beautifully written, the first book can stand on its own.

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