Download The Star’s Sword [PDF] By Domino Savage

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The Star’s Sword book pdf download for free or read online, also The Star’s Sword pdf was written by Domino Savage.

BookThe Star’s Sword
AuthorDomino Savage
Size403 KB

The Star’s Sword Book PDF download for free

The Star's Sword Book PDF download for free

I was not born to fulfill a prophecy. I was born to love it.

I am the morning star The ultimate weapon. My incredibly beautiful ninth realm lover, Samael, has believed in me ever since he found me in the shrines and saved my life after being stoned. We’ve been through hell and back together, but the closer we get to fulfilling my purpose, the harder things get.

The Star’s Sword Book Pdf Download

Samael’s inner villain is restless. My friend Simon gets caught by a dangerous Celestial for reasons he can’t explain to any of us, which infuriates Cayne, my trainer. A sexy and stylish new vampire duke vies for my attention, while the vampires we’re tasked with impressing before climbing Morningstar follow a false prophet. To top it off, a flame is lit between me and a beautiful fairy prince who has been there almost since the beginning of my journey and Sam encourages him.

Meanwhile, someone has come forward to claim what’s mine if I’m not willing to protect it.

I must train hard and be ready for anything, whether it’s sharing spicy feasts with my peers, exploring new bonds, or donating so much blood that I can’t stand up straight.

But when a terrible secret that everyone has been keeping from me comes to light, I have to make the most painful decision of my life.

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And decide if the world is worth saving.

The exciting finale of the Rise of the Morning Star series! complete series! Approximately 121,000 words or 600 printed pages. It contains hot love scenes (not seriously, not for beginners) and action and adventure.

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