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The Vow book pdf download for free or read online, also The Vow pdf was written by Maggie Cole.

BookThe Vow
AuthorMaggie Cole
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The Vow Book PDF download for free

The Vow Book PDF download for free

The Vow wraps up Riggs and Blakely’s story and I’m glad we didn’t have to wait long! The story picks up right where The Action left off after Blakely discovers disturbing information about Riggs and then leaves. In The Vow, we witness the turbulent and sometimes painful navigation of the chaos that is now their relationship.

There was so much misunderstanding between them that much of the heartbreak could have been avoided if they had just slowed down and really listened to each other instead of jumping to conclusions every time they spoke (on top of everything else going on!). It was frustrating! Overall, I really appreciated their growth individually and also as a couple. Great ending for this duo!

The Vow Pdf Download

The Vow book is the emotional conclusion to Maggie Cole’s Club Indulgence Duet. It is told in the first person from two perspectives and it is not an isolated case. After leaving his trust after discovering Riggs’ betrayal, Blakely leaves him and vows never to return. But Riggs has no intention of letting her go. Riggs didn’t think of the pain it would cause Blakely to use her in her vendetta against her father, but he vows that he will do whatever he has to to keep and protect her.

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The Vow is a super intense and emotional roller coaster from the first side! I love the fact that Blakely not only turns around and forgives him for what he’s done, but the tug-of-war between them over the issue feels like it’s taking too long for me. Riggs is trying really hard but doesn’t seem to be aware of the real problem, while Blakely has a hard time articulating exactly what she wants from him to make amends.

The chemistry and horny moments between them is super hot, but it’s very heavy BDSM and it’s a lot. Definitely more intense than I’m used to. Overall I enjoyed the story and if you like dark scary books with super dirty BDSM then this will definitely be for you!

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