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The Billionaire Player book pdf download for free or read online, also The Billionaire Player pdf was written by Ali Parker.

Ali Parker is a full-time author of adult contemporary and romance novels with over 120 books. She loves coffee, watching a great movie, and hanging out with her hubs. By hanging out she means kissing. The man is hot. Hello.

A creative at heart, she loves having more ideas than one person should have access to. She lives in Tennessee with her hubs, a teenage son, two adult daughters, and two grandchildren who love her life! Telling a good story that inspires hope, reminds us of love and gives us a break from life is all that is proposed.

BookThe Billionaire Player
AuthorAli Parker

The Billionaire Player Book PDF download for free

The Billionaire Player Book PDF download for free

The hottest billionaire singles in town have volunteered to spend an entire weekend with one lucky girl. brothers

I’m too broke to afford to play this game, but I’m not interested anyway.

Who would want to spend a weekend with an arrogant, decent jerk who thinks his money can buy the world?

She is not this girl. But there is no reason to miss the event.

My BFF’s center is out of town and needs one more. Count me among them. The sandwiches become legendary.

Things don’t go as planned and I end up getting a gift from my best friend: a weekend with the most smug and dangerously delicious guy at the auction.

This guy is the guy everyone else wants to be. He is the one, the only…

The billionaire player.

The Billionaire Player Book Pdf Download

Hold on and hold on for Larisa and Tanner!!! Larisa is a one-person interior design team with a slight distaste for unnecessary things the rich pay for. Growing up with a single mother who also bought unnecessary things on a tight budget and still does, Larisa supports her mother to keep her in her childhood home.

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Tanner is a former professional baseball player who became a billionaire with a single transaction selling his cryptocurrency. During a brief meeting at a charity, power explodes between Tanner and Larisa. When Larisa’s best friend wins Tanner’s offer and a weekend date lands Larisa, things start to go awry in the way they were meant to go. When Tanner unknowingly hires Larisa to renovate the house he just bought, communication is key for both of them.

Grab your copy for a front row seat as these two work their way through misunderstandings, swapped cables, and sizzling chemistry they can’t fight to find their HEA. Great friends who give them a little push and advice when necessary. Your point of view and not a suspense. I look forward to seeing Shawn and Bart get their HEA!

This couple took me on an emotional roller coaster. To us strangers, it was clear that Tanner and Larisa were made for each other, even if they both tripped over themselves over and over again. I quite adored Tanner from the moment the book opened, and felt like he took the blame for some misunderstandings that weren’t entirely his.

I had a little climb with Larisa. I found that he was somewhat of a judge at first, tending to jump to the most unflattering conclusions about Tanner’s actions and motivations. As we got further into the book and some of the layers were peeled back, it became easier for me to see what drives all the chemistry between these two. I loved her Happily Ever After and especially enjoyed seeing the role that Jeremiah and Steph (from the previous book in the series) played in getting her there. Well, there are still a few best friends I’d like to see stories about in the future.

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When Larisa agreed to go to a bachelor’s benefit auction with her best friend, she thought it would be a fun evening and she never expected her friend to give her the hottest bachelor in town.

Tanner is a wealthy man who takes Larisa on a journey neither of them will ever forget, as neither expected the feelings they would develop for each other or the attraction between them, but would their time together end with the weekend?

Though their lifestyles are vastly different, Tanner and Larisa have more in common than they bargained for, but the biggest challenge would be believing in each other and the life they could lead together.

Larisa went to a charity auction with her best friend Stephanie because her husband was out of town. Steph saw Larisa looking at one of the bachelors so she made an offer for him and won him and her weekend for Larisa.
Tanner borrowed his friends’ lake house, which is right on the water and has beautiful views from every window. He and Larisa can use it all weekend. What a way to meet.
Tanner is a former professional baseball player who made it big in the stock market. He is now considering what to do next with his life. Larisa is an interior designer.

This book was interesting to read because it wasn’t just the same. It had lots of new twists and turns. Truly a pleasure to read. This is the second in the series. You must read book one first, but it can be read as a stand-alone book, it’s an easy to read HEA. I loved this book

Ali Parker hit another home run straight out of the ballpark with The Billionaire Player (An In Too Deep Novel). Every time I open one of the beautiful stories written by Ali I know I am in for a real treat, not only is she very talented but she is also one of my absolute favorite writers so I can say with 100% certainty that I have never read. a book of hers that i didn’t really love With all the feelings you don’t want to miss Tanner and Melissa’s emotional rollercoaster without revealing any details.

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I’ll just say that it’s the perfect combination of all the things that I love the romance is scary, heartbreaking and heartfelt, full of humor, witty banter, unexpected surprises, friendships, family, second chances, misunderstandings, characters that are not only so likeable and relatable but also so unique and multi-layered and a story that literally grabs all your emotions, get on the edge out of your seat and pull and you’re right on.

Tanner is interested in Larisa, but Larisa considers him a “player”. His time is completely off the mark and they are never on the same page. Larissa has heard one-way conversations and, not really knowing who Tanner is, she keeps her distance because she doesn’t want to get hurt. They both think that something else is going on, but their communication is far away.

If they would just tell each other how they feel and clear up any misunderstandings, they could have a wonderful life together. So she takes every conversation or encounter he has with other people in the wrong direction. She definitely loves her, but somehow she always says the wrong things at the wrong time and she draws back thinking the worst of him. Fortunately, the frustration of not knowing how the other feels has a great happy ending. Great, great book.

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