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Things We Never Got Over book pdf download for free or read online, also Things We Never Got Over pdf was written by Lucy Score.

Lucy is a Wall Street Journal and Amazon Kindle Store bestselling contemporary romance and romantic comedy bestseller. He grew up in rural Pennsylvania with plenty of free time and a great imagination. She was the eldest of three in a book-obsessed household. Dinners were often spent in silence while family members buried their noses in books. His passion for writing began at the age of five when he taught his brother to write his name on the bathroom door.

He began writing (on paper) in second grade, first about pilgrims on the Mayflower, and over the years has written essays, articles, blogs, and eventually books. “Pretend You’re Mine” was his breakout hit and he’s been writing full-time ever since.

Non-romantic writing jobs include event planner, bartender, newsboy, and yoga teacher.

BookThings We Never Got Over
AuthorLucy Score
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Things We Never Got Over Book PDF download for free

There’s a reason Knox doesn’t delve into complications or high-maintenance women, especially romantic ones. But with Naomi’s life imploding in front of him, at least he can help her out of her predicament. And once she stops getting into new troubles, he can leave her alone and go back to his peaceful and lonely life.

At least that’s the plan until the problem becomes a real threat.

Things We Never Got Over Book Pdf Download

Well how can I ignore this book when it contains so many of my favorite subjects? Runaway bride, enemy of lovers, mistaken identity.

This book left me at 1:30am full of human feelings as I couldn’t help but melt away with the results.

Not only was Naomi a runaway bride, but she was constantly running to help everyone else, even going to the small town of Knockemount to bail out her identical twin sister, Tina, the black sheep.

However, this not only led to her being falsely constantly like Tina and feeling the wrath of an entire town, but also to face a gruff, tattooed, Viking-looking man who got under her skin from the moment they met in one Scream. Party at the local cafe.
Naomi finds herself in a strange town with nowhere to go and an 11-year-old niece to take care of that she never knew existed. Well, that’s been a bumpy ride, but gosh, my heart couldn’t take the energy between alpha male Knox and Naomi.

There was a lot of baggage between the pair, but they ended up needing something from each other.

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The supporting characters were amazing. Waylay is outstanding. From badass girlfriends to brooding BFFs, charming police chiefs and lifelong grandparents. Except dogs!

There was a lot to unpack in the face of danger and the discovery of a new life, but this town really brought Naomi and Waylay together. I think the dynamic, the constant need to keep reading, was so much fun because I just didn’t want to get the books out.

A few bucket holes, broken noses, a wedding dress and a love heart later and it was everything I didn’t know I needed. Some parts are a bit far fetched so it wasn’t exactly 5 stars but wow! That will live free in my brain for a long time.

Oh darling, Knockemout, Virginia is my new favorite fictional city! It’s a small town where gossip travels faster than wildfire and the tech-age mobile game distorts reality in the most outrageous and hilarious ways. It’s a place where people open their arms to a new person who is all alone and a place where the whole city, and I mean the whole city, comes out and supports you.

Naomi Witt never intended to stay in Knockemout, but when her evil twin steals Naomi’s car and abandons a niece Naomi never knew she had, Naomi’s organized, structured, and intelligent life is thrown out the window. She soon finds the charm and friendliness of the small town people who accept and support her unconditionally. Surprisingly, a lot of this comes from the most unlikely person, Knox Morgan.

Knox Morgan practically is the town. His lottery winnings have opened and revitalized a number of businesses, including the police station (and boy is that some history!). And it’s certainly an example of Knockemout’s approach to problem-solving through a good fistfight and a few beers afterwards. But Knox doesn’t make relationships. He tells a lady what’s going on and they part as friends. It’s what works for him. Until no. Even Naomi and her niece Waylay.

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With her signature humor and incredible depth of heart, this skilled wordsmith outdoes herself once again. She reminds us that loss is the darkest side of life and that each of us grieves in a unique way. May the pain we experience become part of our lives. And that it is up to us to make our tapestry strong and beautiful, not only to better meet future challenges, but also to appreciate the precious gifts each day brings.

I laughed. I cried I laughed while crying and definitely blushed, and it was the best and most delicious emotional ride! The Story of Knox and Naomi is an epic and spectacular read that will easily earn its spot in my top 5 reading list of the year.

If you’re looking for a book that tugs at your heart so masterfully that you’ll feel the tiniest of nuances alongside the biggest, most chaotic emotions, look no further. With a little added excitement and dread, I guarantee that you will fall in love with this wounded hero, admire and root for this strong and quirky heroine, and love every second you spend in this remarkable, heartfelt and unforgettable read.

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