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A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder book pdf download for free or read online, also A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder pdf was written by Holly Jackson.

Holly Jackson born in 1992 is a British author of young adult fiction. She is best known for her series Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

Jackson grew up in Buckinghamshire, England and wrote his first novel at the age of 15.

He later attended the University of Nottingham, where he first studied literary linguistics and creative writing, graduating with a first class degree and later a Masters in English.

Jackson currently resides in London, England.

BookA Good Girl’s Guide To Murder
AuthorHolly Jackson
Size15.2 MB

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder Book PDF download for free

A Good Girl's Guide To Murder Book PDF download for free

Everyone in Fairview knows the story.

Beautiful and popular high school student Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who later committed suicide. It was all there was to talk about. And five years later, Pip sees tragedy still haunting his town.

But he can’t shake the feeling that more happened that day. She met Sal as a child and he was always very nice to her. How could he be a murderer?

Now a senior herself, Pip decides to re-investigate the closed case for her graduation project, initially only to cast doubt on the original investigation. But he soon uncovers a trail of dark secrets that could prove Sal’s innocence. . . and the line between past and present begins to blur. Someone in Fairview doesn’t want Pip looking for answers, and now her own life could be in danger.

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder Book Pdf Download

Holly Jackson doesn’t beat around the bush! I loved this book. The characters and the plot turned my stomach. One minute I was all tense, and then the other I was crying. He had this charisma that captivated me. It has great plot development with exciting mini climaxes that got me hooked.

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The story is told in two styles; Pip writes in the log of his project and what is being developed in real time. This worked because it provided plot progression by discovering new information, character interactions, etc. The other (via the logbook) gave a diary feel and acted as a murder board for the reader to look at all the facts and evidence Pip has gathered. And oh boy did I do it! Everyone was a suspect at some point… I really felt like I was with Pip and figuring out what was essential to solving the case. I loved that personal tone because it involved me completely.

She admired Pip immensely for her tenacity, intelligence and how much she cared for her. And I cared deeply for Ravi and Sal. Ravi’s humorous personality kept things entertaining, and his connection with Pip gave him that dream team vibe, capable of anything. The fact that these characters were so likable made the story even better.

I’d say my only issue with this is that a hardcover wasn’t available. But that’s not the fault of the author or the story. I found the font used for the log book chapters to be a bit challenging at times and may not be legible for those struggling with the small font (see photos).

Overall, I read it in three days and it got 5 stars.
This is a well thought out and cleverly written story. I can’t believe this is a debut novel, let alone rated as a young adult book. Honestly, this surpassed what would be considered a mature adult mystery/thriller with suspense, characters, and an overall plot. I would recommend it to everyone, not just teenagers. If crime and thriller is your favorite genre then it is well worth reading as it is currently my favorite crime/thriller of 2019. Well done Holly Jackson and thank you for writing this excellent book.

This book, I loved it! It was intense and everything you want in a crime thriller, with plot developments in all the right places to keep readers engaged with the plot.

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The book is set in a small English town, I loved that this book was set in England. The portrayal of the accused murderer’s perception in the city is what one would expect from a rural town and the impact on the accused murderer’s family is very realistic. Seeing her ostracized is how I envision it in real life. I walked as if this little town could be anywhere in the UK and this story still makes sense which I really like as it’s not limited to any particular area.

I love Pippa, I’m not as smart as her but I was able to fully connect with her nerdy sides. I loved how persistent she is and that she wasn’t discouraged in choosing such a difficult and sensitive subject for her project. As he works his way through the book, he really can’t help but feel attracted to her and partly sympathize with her. I admire her a lot and as soon as I finished this book I pre-ordered the second book so I could spend more time with Pip and her adventures.

My heart bled for Ravi, being treated like dirt in people’s shoes by what they thought was his brother, even though he still had such a charming demeanor. There is a lesson to be learned from this book about how we treat people and human decency. Ravi’s sense of humor really matched Pip’s more serious nature and created an engaging relationship between them as they watched them learn to trust each other rather than become friends. Nice work.

Kudos to Holly for not having a romantic subplot in the book, I think that would have spoiled the arc. That being said, I created a route for Pip and Ravi as they approached, so I’m really excited to see what happens to them in the second book. When they’re together, I’m very interested in how Holly balances their relationship with the new storyline.

There are two narrative styles in this book, one based on Pip’s project log and the other following Pip’s real-time investigations. I felt this balance worked very well and helped the storyline progress. The real-time sections guide the reader through the discovery of new information, the introduction of new characters, and also experiences from Pip’s life during and around the investigation. These sections helped me connect with Pip and Ravi and see and feel how they are doing as the investigation moves closer to uncovering the truth.

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They are also the chapters that evoke the most emotion, I went from tension to tears in tears in some chapters. The logbook presents the facts and results of Pip’s investigation along with his suspect. This allows the reader to create their own hypothesis and agree or disagree with Pip’s presentation of the facts and suspects. This totally suits me, I’ve watched a lot of crime TV shows (Elementary, Bone, NCIS) so part of the fun of crime fiction is guessing the villain. These styles latch on to you and create so much suspense that you can’t help but read on. who is the killer


I loved almost everything about this book. He gave a full 5 stars. The way this book is written with the two storytelling styles kept the pace smooth. The characters, even the supporting characters, are relatable and people to imagine meeting.

This is a book that makes you look at the time at night and you know that you should go to sleep because you have to get up in the morning and if you don’t go to sleep like NOW you’re going to be a grouch in your pants. the morning. BUT still debating reading just one more chapter! It’s so addicting. If you like crime or mystery books in general, this is a great book. It’s described as a YA book, but I think people of all ages will enjoy reading this book.

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