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Toe The Line book pdf download for free or read online, also Toe The Line pdf was written by Penelope Ward.

BookToe The Line
AuthorPenelope Ward
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Toe The Line Book PDF download for free

Toe The Line Book PDF download for free

Every great story is filled with love that hurts, heals, and repairs. But above all love, which is unique and perfect in its own way. This story showed me how much our missed decisions and opportunities lead us down a certain path. It has undoubtedly been an amazing journey, driven by fate, time and just life as it happens.

I read it to the end in one sitting because Penelope Ward took control of all my senses while the world just moved around me. I was speechless and motionless!

You know the book is great when you have to hold onto your Kindle, cry yourself to death, and have a different perspective on life and love. Penelope always manages to blow my mind with her words, characters and stories that will always have a home in my heart!

Toe The Line Pdf Download

Noelle and Archie have been best friends for years. When they first met, they both lived in the house their parents had just bought together in Maine. Archie didn’t have much time for Noelle, and as much as she secretly fell in love with him, she wasn’t crazy about his personality. But circumstances allowed them to meet and become close. And for a while, one summer, they crossed that line and became more than just friends.

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But things ended abruptly and they were back in the friend zone. Years passed, relationships came and went, some serious and some not, and then came the widening rift between them that changed her life forever. I don’t want to post spoilers, but suffice it to say that Noelle was forced to move on and find someone to call her forever love.

Archie and Noelle are having the worst time, they just never seem able to get on the same page at the same time. But at a strange point in their relationship, Noelle has a proposal for Archie. One in which he surprisingly accepts her and things will change again. For the first time in a long time they are both in the same place, ready to give each other a chance. Archie may have loved Noelle for most of his adult life, but his fears that he isn’t what she needs always seem to get in her way. Will he sabotage things again?

Toe the Line has a lot of heat and great dialogue. What prevented me from loving him is fear. So much suffering, so many missed opportunities. Sometimes all the drama can wear you down and you just want a sweet romance with a few punches. As much as I enjoyed this story, I wish there was less pain and more fun.

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