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Glove Save book pdf download for free or read online, also Glove Save pdf was written by Teagan Hunter.

BookGlove Save
AuthorTeagan Hunter
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Glove Save Book PDF download for free

Glove Save Book PDF download for free

I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to reading this book. Not just because I’ve been in love with Macie ever since we met her a few books ago, because she’s a fucking cool kid. She did not disappoint me, she absolutely loved her, she was the rock star of all time. Ok, Stevie and Jacob aka Grier were great too, but let’s be honest, Macie enjoyed the show.

I loved every interaction they had together, how the “Jacka**” was with her, how he was with Steve. She really loved to push her buttons at every opportunity. When they first met, it was fireworks and boy was it hot. I love this story and I loved them together, they made the perfect couple, a trio, all together they made the perfect little family.

Glove Save Pdf Download

I cannot recommend this book and this author highly enough, she writes amazing, funny, sweet romances that are easy to fall in love with and she can’t help but get invested in each character. You Jay need to know what’s going on with each of the characters in their books, just like I need to know right now what’s going on with Fit and Hayes, oh and Rosie, so many that I need to know what’s going on with all of them. I look forward to what this author brings us and I highly recommend this book, her entire Carolina Comets series or any other series, they really are all amazing.

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Grumpy Greer is finally getting the HEA from her, and boy was she steamy. Who knew the grumpy goalie would fall so hard for the single mom and her 10-year-old daughter, who loved playing with him as much as she loved ice hockey. Greer, Stevie, and Macie delivered a story full of humor, steam, and plenty of gags.

I loved that this wasn’t Insta love and it took some time for Greer and Stevie’s relationship to go from enemies to lovers. Greer insisted that he didn’t believe in love, and having lived through his mother’s three, now four, marriages and his father’s multiple mothers, it’s not hard to see why. But Stevie and Macie broke through and their moment of joy was epic.

Greer and Stevie had some definite roadblocks in their relationship, and many of them could be traced back to Greer’s inability to communicate. He is used to communicating with grunts and grunts and saying things without thinking in the heat of the moment. But he doesn’t mind apologizing either, and that’s what really sold me on him. He is definitely not a perfect man, but he admits his weaknesses and flaws. I loved his relationship with his mom and his connection with Macie.

Macie stole the show with that. I felt like if Greer hadn’t bonded with Macie so easily, he wouldn’t have given Stevie a chance. And if Stevie hadn’t seen the softer side of her in Macie, her hatred for Greer wouldn’t have turned to love.

Overall, a good read. There was a lot of hockey and a lot of steam.

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I really loved the banter between Greer and Stevie. Hell, the banter between Greer and Macie was funny too. He has such a gruff exterior and gives off a don’t talk to me vibe, but he’s shown such a different side of himself with Stevie and Macie that I couldn’t help but root for him to find the crap out of him. And that man’s mouth… damn sharpness.

Let me also say that this epilogue really started with a BANG! This addition to the Comets series was exactly what I needed and everything I have come to know and love about Teagan Hunter. He has sweet moments, he has spicy moments (the spice level in this book is off the charts), but he also has some poignant moments. But don’t worry, Teagan Hunter will take care of healing your broken heart in the best possible way! Perfection, utter, utter perfection!

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