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Triggers Forever book pdf download for free or read online, also Triggers Forever pdf was written by Bailee James.

BookTriggers Forever
AuthorBailee James
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Triggers Forever Book PDF download for free

Triggers Forever Book PDF download for free


A few months of joy that were quickly taken from him.

Having grown up in a foster family, Trigger never sees himself as a family man. Instead, he finds the family he needs through the club, his motorcycle club. Imagine his surprise when he notices his late brother’s daughter from the club. It was supposed to be just for fun, but one night changed everything. Trigger’s every wish now hangs in limbo, just beyond his reach.

Triggers Forever Pdf Download


For as long as she really can remember, Pebbles has wanted to open her own dance studio. Growing up surrounded by tough guys in her father’s motorcycle club, she had to learn to be strong and independent. With a mother who didn’t care what she did, Pebbles took care of herself and did what she had to do to survive.

Becoming a stripper wasn’t high on her to-do list, but she slipped into the role with ease. Pebbles can handle herself on and off stage, but can she control herself when a honey-eyed biker sets her body on fire? And what will happen when forces beyond your control threaten to destroy the relationship you’ve built?

Can Trigger convince Pebbles that she deserves happiness, or will Pebbles continue to go through life and convince herself that she isn’t worthy?

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If Trigger has one thing, it’s that he doesn’t give up easily.

Great. Triggers Forever book is just great. I couldn’t put it down. I needed to know what happened. Pebbles suffers from being kidnapped and mugged and struggles with it. But Trigger never gives up. He’s ready to show Pebbles and wait for him to know how much he loves her.

I love the couple’s chemistry. And the fraternity and how they’re not only there for Trigger but also for Pebbles since their dad was part of the club. I love the supporting characters and how you couldn’t help but fall in love with them. This book has all the emotions. I couldn’t put it down and am excited to see what happens next. I highly recommend this book.

This is Bailee James’ second book in a hopefully long series about the Desert Outlaws MC men, their wives and their friends. Note: I highly recommend reading Book 1 (Flame’s Touch) to learn more about the characters and the situation that occurs at the beginning of this book.

Trigger and Pebbles have a fun friendship relationship and then 2 things happen. 1 good and 1 devastating. When the devastating situation hits, Triggers realizes that he loves Pebbles but she is unable to think about a relationship but he perseveres, determined that one day they will be together.

A very moving story.
Bailee wrote a story with fascinating characters and I want to know more about each and every one of them. While this story only offers a brief glimpse of the MC himself, it is a good introduction to the cast of characters and hopefully you will learn more about the MC in future books.

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