Download Two A Day [PDF] By Lauren Blakely

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Two A Day book pdf download for free or read online, also Two A Day pdf was written by Lauren Blakely.

BookTwo A Day
AuthorLauren Blakely
Size248 KB

Two A Day Book PDF download for free

Two A Day Book PDF download for free

Look, I’ve had a rough week at work. So I throw on a bikini and run off to the beach, where I end up rescuing the hot new quarterback in town from a rogue paddleboard, and then he rescued me from an S-E-X drought that night.

Hi City O. Nice to see you!

The charmer with the magic hands also wants a date, and I hasten to say yes.

But the point is that I am the lawyer for the Los Mercenarios team. And the morning after the hottest night of my life, I find out that the guy I want to see again just switched to our team.

Date the new star quarterback?


Especially when my boss catches me off guard with that twist: I’m responsible for managing his reputation.

Then you really shouldn’t invite him too late tonight.

It really shouldn’t.

Content includes: sex tricks, text errors, bedroom wagons, big league dirty talk, and unexpected twists you won’t see in this sexy sports romance.

Two A Day Book Pdf Download

Another great new series from the queen of romance. Two a Day is book one in The Girlfriend Playbook and really a great start it is. Brooke is relaxing on the beach after a rough week when hottie Drew Adams needs her help.

They end up helping each other in many ways until they realize they are working on the same team. The love gods want Drew to find his HEA so they can get together and all that warmth, attraction, and bantering in the sheets will go back to normal.

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These two are a perfect couple and I loved their dirty talk and their warmth and love. As always with this author, the characters are great. We can feel like we are just riding with them and cheering them on.

Jason Clarke and Rose Dioro were the amazing storytellers who brought Drew and Brooke to life. They were amazing on this audio and I loved listening to them both.

This is a feel-good book that ends with a happy ending. The audio also has some bonuses at the end, which is always an added bonus. Great story and narration, I highly recommend it.

I don’t think there’s a couple that Lauren Blakely writes that you can’t love. Drew and Brooke are another amazing couple who know each other in such a sweet way.
A day at the beach has Brooke laying back and reading a book until she sees a man get knocked off his paddle board and springs into action to save him. Little does she know that he might be the right man for her.

The banter between the two and the chemistry just fades from the start, but can it be that simple?
Seeing this couple go down at every outing and every conversation leaves you with a smile, and knowing they’re headed to an HEA makes it a million times better.

Two a Day is a great read.

Filled with puns, jokes, and all the innuendo, along with dirty talk and great chemistry, this quick and easy-to-read office novel is just the right amount of frosting on a cupcake. From Meet Cute to HEA, I loved Brooke and Drew and with numerous cameos from favorite characters from the Laurens universe, this book is an absolute delight.

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