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Vegas Daddy book pdf download for free or read online, also Vegas Daddy pdf was written by K.C. Crowne.

BookVegas Daddy
AuthorK.C. Crowne
Size415 KB

Vegas Daddy Book PDF download for free

Vegas Daddy Book PDF download for free

Warning: Don’t spend your vacation drinking alcohol in Las Vegas.
It can make you wake up married to a domineering single dad…

It all started with me running from the altar of hell.

And it ended with the most incredible night of my life in the city of Sin.
Zane is older. ex-military. And a hot single dad.
But our fairytale ended with the shield on my tail.

Months later we meet again.

Vegas Daddy Pdf Download

My ruthless father only hired bodyguards to watch me like hawks.
The chief honcho walks in. And my heart starts racing.
It’s Zane!

Willow was on the run from her father and his “empire”. She ends up in Las Vegas and has an erotic one night stand with Zane. When her father tries to catch up with her, she runs…again! Later, when her father hires bodyguards to keep an eye on her, Zane walks in. Oh boy this got me turning the pages so fast. Willow and Zane were a perfect match, but there were things that needed to be done before they could be together. This book has all the emotional feelings you want.

I really loved this book. Zane is an older ex-Navy SEAL and Willow is younger and the daughter of a cartel boss. She has been protected all her life. Their paths cross in Las Vegas after Willow escapes an arranged marriage, and it’s the beginning of a wild tale of warring cartel families and a blossoming romance between Willow and Zane. It’s instant attraction and almost instant love. What I liked most about the book were undoubtedly the characters.

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They are so real and their interactions are so believable. Zane is a really good guy who always protects, respects and cares for Willow. Willow always appreciates Zane’s behavior, and for someone so young and sheltered, she acts quite mature throughout the book. Only towards the end does he make an immature decision, but he soon gets up again. You get plenty of fighting action, gripping scenes, and well-known supporting characters, both good and bad, along with their love story. You definitely want to read this!

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