Download The Lone Wolf’s Rejected Mate [PDF] By Cate C. Wells

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The Lone Wolf’s Rejected Mate book pdf download for free or read online, also The Lone Wolf’s Rejected Mate pdf was written by Cate C. Wells.

BookThe Lone Wolf’s Rejected Mate
AuthorCate C. Wells
Size314 KB

The Lone Wolf’s Rejected Mate Book PDF download for free

The Lone Wolf's Rejected Mate Book PDF download for free

Growing up alone in the Quarry Pack, I always dreamed of a companion who would make me lose control and take me to our own country home that we would fill with puppies, love and laughter. A true family.

what did i get

Wham bam, thanks ma’am.

The pack views Darragh Ryan as a tortured hero with a dark past who protects the pack from afar.

The Lone Wolf’s Rejected Mate Pdf Download

I know it better. He’s an idiot who doesn’t know how to deal with people, so he chose to live in the desert and, I don’t know, raise. One thing I know is that he can’t turn me down.

I refuse

Mari doesn’t understand what she doesn’t know. She is naïve, soft, and too young and sweet for a life of self-imposed exile.

She is a grown woman who sits in the trees, reads books and wears party dresses to go to the garden. Everything she owns is pink. Your wolf is probably pink.

She doesn’t get along with the real world and certainly not with my wolf. Nobody can.

One day she will understand why I won’t claim her and she may not thank me, but she should.

Why my wolf? If I had the chance I would destroy it.

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The Lone Wolf’s Rejected Mate is the third novel in The Five Packs series, but it can also be read on its own. No HEA cheats guaranteed. Intended for adult readers only.

Oh Darragh, this poor werewolf has suffered so much and is forever in limbo, unable to leave his pack but also unable to be a full part of it. Mari survived her father’s attack but eventually lost her entire family and became an unwanted, old-fashioned child. Things are going pretty well for her until she realizes that Darragh is her mate and they both make decisions that have lasting and damaging effects over four years.

Amid the relationship turmoil, we begin to learn more about why and how the three-pack shapeshifters have disappeared over the years. There is so much love, heartbreak, romance, a pretty good putdown, pack dynamics and action in this book. Another amazing addition to this range.

This is exactly my favorite type of book. The Lone Wolf’s Rejected Companion is a harrowing and emotional love story that tears you apart but also lets you feel all the love. Mari and Darragh are years apart but have similar traumatic and tragic pasts. Darragh is the quiet, brooding alpha male I love to read about, and Mari, despite her abandonment issues and past, always has hope for the future.

They are fateful companions, but Darragh’s problems do not allow him to lay claim to them. As he continues his journey to Happy Ever After, he is drawn to all of the emotions. Lone Wolf’s rejected partner has some intense and moving scenes in which Mari sees herself and Darragh’s life in danger. I loved reading this, in fact I’ve read it twice, and it’s probably my favorite of the series so far.

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