Where The Sun Never Sets PDF By Stuti Changle

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Where The Sun Never Sets book pdf download for free or read online, also Where The Sun Never Sets pdf written by Stuti Changle.

Stuti Changle is a best selling author. He won notable mentions in Amazon Kindle’s 2018 Pen to Publish contest for his first book, On the Open Road. His second book, You Only Live Once, became a national bestseller. Where the Sun Never Sets is his third book.

Stuti has done MBA from IMI New Delhi. He left his corporate career to inspire people, sharing stories that changed their lives. She is often invited for speaking engagements by reputed institutions, where she encourages the youth to follow their dreams. She made her television debut in 2019 as the host of the television series Kar Ke Dekhayenge.

BookWhere The Sun Never Sets
AuthorStuti Changle

Where The Sun Never Sets Book PDF download for free

Where The Sun Never Sets Book PDF download for free

The story of finding hope in the darkest of times that will brighten your day!’

If you found someone’s diary, would you dare open it?

Well, if you can find your old diary, would you dare to read your past?

Iti was forced to return to her hometown of Mussoorie amid the global lockdown to work on the script of her first film. The chance meeting of Iti with her first love, Nishit, her reunion with her best friend, Shelly, and the nights spent reading her well-kept diary bring her best memories and nightmares to life. He has always run from his past, but now he has no choice.
Will reading her diary be an adventure to complete the script? Will life remain the same? always?

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Where The Sun Never Sets Pdf Download

On the Open Road and You Only Live Once, set in the lockdown of COVID-19 by the national bestselling author of Where the Sun Never Sets, is an interesting personal account of unforgettable childhood dreams, turbulent teen years, relationships, complex close quarters, human resilience. , and the never ending journey of growing up.

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