Download WolfeAx [PDF] By Kathryn Le Veque

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WolfeAx book pdf download for free or read online, also WolfeAx pdf was written by Kathryn Le Veque.

AuthorKathryn Le Veque
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WolfeAx Book PDF download for free

WolfeAx Book PDF download for free

Inspired by his Viking ancestors, Magnus de Wolfe tells his story in a unique and powerful way.

The story of an almost lost love… but for an angel.

The paternal grandson of England’s greatest knight, son of the man known as “Nighthawk” and maternal grandson of a Norse king, Magnus de Wolfe has the blood of royal and elite warriors running through his veins. With older brothers who have accomplished a lot, Magnus takes his time to shine.

WolfeAx Pdf Download

But the moment of him in the sun could potentially burn him.

Delaina de Courant is a courtesan. That’s putting it nicely. A beautiful, intelligent and accomplished woman, this beauty was noticed by a noble when she was young and he took her as his mistress. Raised and educated by nobles with the best skills and manners, the result of her is the most desirable courtesan in all of England. Delaina is very picky about the men she keeps, and she is richer than God himself by giving financial gifts to her hopeful suitors.

Until Magnus arrives.

When a chaste knight from a powerful noble family falls in love with a woman his parents would not approve of, Magnus finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of emotions: duty to his heart. His family’s reputation versus Delaina’s known profession. It’s a terrifying fight until Delaina realizes that the love she’s always wanted, and the gentleman she’s always hoped for, are beyond her reach.

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Or is that it?

Help—and redemption—comes from an unexpected source in this turbulent and exciting de Wolfe Pack Generations novel.


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