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365 Days book pdf download for free or read online, also 365 Days pdf was written by Ajme Williams.

Book365 Days
AuthorAjme Williams
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365 Days Book PDF download for free

365 Days Book PDF download for free

The holiday season continues with this exciting second chance, secret twin romance that will make you cry with joy. 365 Days is a faux-marital office romance with enough steam to melt the snow, and it comes with the Ajme HEA promise. It is part of the Heart of Hope series but stands alone. The books do not have to be read in order.

365 Days Pdf Download

This is a great addition to the Hope of Heart series and in this one we can discover the journey of Reyna and James. Reyna’s parents made all the decisions for her, so as a college student she studies to be a lawyer and is engaged to a man, Dean, whom they chose for her. Through this marriage, his father benefits from a business deal with Dean’s father. When Dean and Reyna decide to get married in Las Vegas, she is shocked to see him having sex with her best friend.

Reyna leaves and never looks back. Without the support of her parents, she starts a new life, staying in Las Vegas and taking a job. His new boss James is a grumpy man who is determined to get the board to support him in his father’s business now that he is in prison for all his shady dealings. These two go from a professional to a sham marriage to make James look like a respectable, settled man. They are unable to run it as a business and it’s over in an instant. James struggles with this until they agree to enjoy the year together until Reyna becomes pregnant.

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When Dean comes back and tries to win Reyna back, James overhears everything and automatically shuts down because he doesn’t believe anything Reyna says and is heartbroken. Reyna does what she must to protect her and her baby and moves on. Amelia, James’ sister, must show him what’s wrong with his mindset and his ability to recognize that he deserves love to try and win Reyna back!

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