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Stick Shift book pdf download for free or read online, also Stick Shift pdf was written by K.M. Neuhold.

BookStick Shift
AuthorK.M. Neuhold
Size274 KB

Stick Shift Book PDF download for free

Stick Shift Book PDF download for free

Stick Shift is a tale of two awakenings from best friends to lovers with farm animal antics, curious mechanics and all the steam and sweetness you can take.

I really loved this best friends to loves story on Red and Journey. There’s something to be said for a romance born of so many years of friendship. There is love and a close bond even before the romantic aspect begins. Such a strong foundation is one of the many things that make this game so incredible.

Red and Journey were so beautiful together. When Journey inherited the farm from his uncle and aunt and decided he wanted to try running it, there was no doubt that Red would be by his side. If that’s what Journey wanted to do, then Red would be there to support him in any way he could. That’s the kind of friend he was. It also didn’t hurt that Red had been in love with Journey for what seemed like his entire life.

Stick Shift Pdf Download

It didn’t take long for Journey to see Red in a different light. I mean, they lived together, worked on the farm together, spent their free time together, and went to bed together every night. It was basically a domestic partnership, all that was missing was the s*xxy times…until that part was missing too. Journey was really happiest when he was spending time with the Red, and Red felt the same way.

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Why should they try not only the farm but a life together? Thankfully, they were both on the same page when it came to their romance, and the ending left me in no doubt that these two were rock solid and in it for the long haul. Great addition to the series!

PS I have an idea based on Stick Shift about the remaining mechanics and their future suitors. I like how Neuhold takes it, even if it was just a joke. Also, the green-eyed florist needs a book. Just say’

This book is exactly what I needed. The third story in the Big Bull Mechanics series follows Red and his “straight” best friend, Journey. Red is a cool and calm guy who never ruffles his feathers. However, he has a big secret: he has been in love with his best friend for more than half of his life. Journey receives bad news that brings him home unexpectedly.

And then life changes from there. This story is little fear and just a great story about two boys falling in love. And the really best part is the humor that K.M. is poured into it. At some points I had to laugh out loud. A few story teasers to come got me hooked. Hoping this series will continue.

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