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The Color Purple book pdf download for free or read online, also The Color Purple pdf was written by Alice Walker.

BookThe Color Purple
AuthorAlice Walker
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The Color Purple Book PDF download for free

The Color Purple Book PDF download for free

Celie grew up poor in the rural Georgia, despised by the society around her and also abused by her own family. She fights to save her sister Nettie from a similar fate, and as Nettie flees to a new life as a missionary in Africa, Celie is left without her best friend and confidante, married to an older suitor and sentenced to live alone with a harsh and brutal husband.

In an attempt to get over a life that often seems too much to bear, Celie begins writing letters directly to God. Spanning twenty years, the letters chronicle a journey of self-discovery and empowerment guided by the light of a few strong women. She meets Shug Avery, her husband’s lover and fun-loving jazz singer, and the wife of her stepson, Sophia, who challenges her to fight for independence. And while Celie’s sister’s many letters are hidden by her husband, Nettie’s unwavering support will prove to be the most impressive of all.

The Color Purple Pdf Download

The Color Purple is the first book in the Color Purple collection, which also includes The Temple of My Familiar and Possessing the Secret of Joy.

Alice Walker’s The Color Purple captures the journey of Celie, a poor black girl, from the age of 14 to adulthood. Instead of chapters, the novel is broken up and written like several letters to God. Celie, the main character, writes about her life this way because after her father sexually abused her, she said, “You better not tell anyone but God. I’d kill your mom.” (one). After two pregnancies from her father, Celie marries a man who humiliates and beats her.

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The novel shifts from letters to God to letters to Celie’s sister, Nettie, who has joined a family on a mission to Africa. This change also reveals a change in Celie’s mindset as she discovers herself and her religious beliefs as the novel progresses. Celie’s life improves as she finds examples in other black women, how to learn to stand up for herself and recognize her own worth.

When I started reading I found it difficult, both stylistically and morally. Because the first letters are written when Celie is very young, the sentence fragments are difficult to put together, as seen on page 2 when Celie says, “She asked me about the first one, whose is she from?” However, the further the novel story progresses and Celie gets older, the easier the lyrics become to understand and also the deeper the content becomes. On the first page is a forceful description of the sexual abuse that occurs many times throughout the book.

The informal discussion of abuse was hard to get used to, but she managed to make it clear that life was far from easy for black women at the turn of the 20th century. I liked being able to read a story from a perspective that I had never experienced before. Celie’s evolution from hardship to independence and strength was inspiring. I felt that the ending was satisfying and that I should be glad to know that Celie found peace later in life.

Alice Walker has achieved her goal of inspiring others to follow her own path in life. For example, the novel has two strong female characters who helped Celie to be independent. A character named Sophia would hit back when her husband Harpo hit her. She refused to be hit by a man and inspired Celie to stand up for her. Another character named Shug protected Celie from her abusive husband, giving Celie the courage to speak up in front of him.

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At one point, Celie describes these women by saying that, “You know Shug will fight…She lives her life and also is herself no matter what” (253). At the end of the novel, Celie is last seen happy and is not abused by any man.

This shows that she has taken her life into her own hands and made the necessary changes to live a happy life. Despite being born into a poor home and married to an abusive man without consent, Celie ended up forging her own path and finding strength in others. The novel also shows Celie’s intellectual progress, with the syntax becoming more complex towards the end. The reader discovers that Celie reflects on deeper questions rather than just laying out the events of her day in fragmented sentences.

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