Download The Duke’s Bartered Mistress [PDF] By Caroline Lee

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The Duke’s Bartered Mistress book pdf download for free or read online, also The Duke’s Bartered Mistress pdf was written by Caroline Lee.

BookThe Duke’s Bartered Mistress
AuthorCaroline Lee
Size364 KB

The Duke’s Bartered Mistress Book PDF download for free

The Duke's Bartered Mistress Book PDF download for free

Rumor has it that he is a demon, but now he possesses her…

It’s important that Lady Georgia Stoughton find a way to pay off her father’s debts, but the cursed man who owns her refuses her money. When she offers herself in exchange for it, the devil tricks her with the body of an angel…and signs the contract for her. Now she really belongs to him body and also soul until the last hour of December.

Lord Edymion, Demon Hayle, wants two things in his life: seclusion and revenge against the man who marked him so terribly and made him unfit for society. The first one goes perfectly until a cheeky beauty intrudes into his life, and before he can kick her out the door, he offers her the second one. Lady Georgia’s father holds the key to her revenge, but this contract is much sweeter: to use Georgia’s body when and how he wants, for the next month.

It’s going to be a hayle holiday season.

The Duke’s Bartered Mistress Pdf Download

Georgia can’t regret the arrangement that made her her demon, not when she’s free to use her castle, library, and her unkempt rose garden. And as she becomes addicted to the pleasures he shows her in her bedroom (and study and conservatory and once on the wall of the linen closet), she begins to doubt her own plans. she.

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Then comes the letter announcing that Demon has unexpectedly become a duke. Dammit. Is he ready for London? It’s up to Georgia now, but as the end of December approaches, Demon’s revenge creeps in…

Warning: there’s a lot of hot stuff…and hilarious servants, a headstrong cat, more gardening than you’d expect in December, and even more hot stuff.

Caroline Lee’s The Duke’s Bartered Mistress made me alternately laugh and cry and then I needed a cold shower! I laughed at Demon’s entertainingly creative swearing and cried that he didn’t realize what a good person he was on the inside. I mean, his house hours revolve around a grumpy, stubborn cat. It’s a tough nut to crack as far as people are concerned.

Demon, like many humans, focused on his scarred appearance. It took Georgia’s outrageous proposal and her attraction to her to get him to interact with someone who didn’t know him before the incident on the train. My heart also broke for Georgia because it’s so obvious that she’s trying so desperately to win her father’s approval.

Caroline masterfully plays on our emotions in her take on the Beauty and the Beast trope, but her signature humor shines through the book. Who else would give their characters funny titles like Earl of Bonkinbone, Viscount Cumnock, and Duke of Lickwick?

Fair warning: DO NOT read The Duke’s Bartered Mistress book anywhere someone might be reading over your shoulder! Caroline outdid herself with the steam and spice factor in this book. Demon and Georgia’s story will definitely not get you into Bangxiety!

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