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A Dawn Of Onyx book pdf download for free or read online, also A Dawn Of Onyx pdf was written by Kate Golden.

BookA Dawn Of Onyx
AuthorKate Golden
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A Dawn Of Onyx Book PDF download for free

A Dawn Of Onyx Book PDF download for free

Captured by a king of darkness. Forced to find the inner light. Arwen Valondale never expected to be brave enough to give her life to save her brother’s. Now she has been captured by the continent’s most dangerous kingdom and forced to use her rare magical abilities to heal the soldiers of the evil King Onyx. Arwen knows she must not face the ancient and evil forests that surround the castle alone, which means working with a fellow prisoner may be her only route to freedom.

Unfortunately, he’s as annoying as he is cunning, and seems to take a twisted pleasure in toying with Arwen’s deepest fears. But here at Onyx Kingdom, trust is a luxury you cannot afford. To get out of enemy territory, she must face backstabbing kings, dark magic and dangerous beasts. But untold power lies within Arwen, dormant and awaiting a spark. If you can use it, maybe you can get away with your life and hopefully your heart.

A Dawn Of Onyx Pdf Download

I ended up reading A Dawn Of Onyx book twice because I wanted to make sure the first time I read it (all in one go) it wasn’t a fever dream. It also helped me gain insight into the characters’ plots and ulterior motives. The story and plot of A Dawn Of Onyx was refreshing and interesting, especially if your Kindle is full of romance and racy books.

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Kane has to be my favorite character, followed closely by Mari. Sure, Kane isn’t perfect, he’s a bit toxic at times, yes, but I mean, come on! Who could resist a mysterious, tall, dark, and handsome ML using the Who did this to you? card. That’s what I thought. I’ve also been pretty happy with the character growth for almost everyone (oh we’ll make it). It was so refreshing and amazing to finally have a non-toxic best friend in a fantasy book.

I was so happy every time our hot personality Mari was on the side. Well, the FL you’ve all been waiting for, Arwen. Although Arwen has gone through many trials and tribulations to make her bad, it’s still quite frustrating at times. Later in the book I hoped that she would start thinking differently so she wouldn’t make so many mistakes or that she would start to see how hard Kane cared for her. I mean, if I could smack him on the head and shoulders every time, I would.

Kane is manipulative, yes, but is he working on it? I also think his actions speak louder than words for what he is willing to do for Arwen. But Arwen just won’t let him out in the open. I was really impressed with Arwen’s determination throughout the book.

Now much has been written about lovers’ enemies, yes, but it was also incredible, yes. I will admit that the romance was left far behind in this book and the spice was practically non-existent. But I’ll admit I’m not used to it because I don’t have many long-time favorites on my shelf. I know the author said that spices are not the focus of this book, so I’m excited to see what’s to come.

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The plot and story of A Dawn Of Onyx was very interesting. I think the author managed to build the story. I was a bit overwhelmed at first with all the different names, but surprisingly it got you going pretty quickly (having a map at the start was great). The power system was great too, and I think it’s a nice touch to the story. I think some of the twists in the book were predictable and at times I felt the author was trying too hard.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, but the author didn’t believe in his writing skills wholeheartedly and in some places reached too far into a thesaurus. I’m trying to write a spoiler-free review, but I think the twist with Kane and his reveal was pretty obvious for a while. However, the ending was worth the whole ~400 pages.

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