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Hero book pdf download for free or read online, also Hero pdf was written by Claire Kent.

AuthorClaire Kent
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Hero Book PDF download for free

Hero Book PDF download for free

I was in college when the asteroid hit and all my dreams and ambitions went up in smoke along with over half the planet. Now I must eke out a treacherous existence in the remaining lonely and violent world. Everyone who loved me is gone, and I am attached to Zed, my former stepfather’s younger brother. I never liked him, but he and his 4-year-old daughter are the only people I really have left.

The small world we have built up over the past five years is crumbling at the edges. Our food is running out. So soon we will have to leave our homes and walk a dangerous path in search of a security that may no longer exist. To make matters worse, I feel new feelings for Zed and start wanting things from him that I can never have.

Hero Pdf Download

I know better than to put my hope in romantic dreams. This has become a world without heroes and the happiest ending is simply surviving.

Note: Hero is a short and captivating post-apocalyptic romance. This title was originally intended to be Mack and Anna’s book, but its story was pushed to later in the series. Hero presents another couple.

I’m a huge fan of this series and Hero is the perfect example of that. With characters that feel real, themes that may be otherworldly but treated in a mature way, and emotion that overlays every action and reaction of this couple, I can’t help but love them.

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I’m not a fan of post-apocalyptic stories, but the characters here and in the previous books not only make me fall in love with them, but also with the world that is collapsing around them. This is presented in a way that makes me feel like I’m a part of this broken new world.

That was a little bit chilling but full of heartwarming moments. It had a hazard that kept me perched on the edge of my seat and an amount of vapor that made me reach for something cool. Although this has earlier characters, it can stand alone.

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