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Triple Threat book pdf download for free or read online, also Triple Threat pdf was written by K Webster.

BookTriple Threat
AuthorK Webster
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Triple Threat Book PDF download for free

Triple Threat Book PDF download for free

I’m a prisoner in a prestigious world.

A perfect princess locked in a tower.

My father will never let me go.

Not that I can go. I would really never let my little sister down. Hope really comes in the form of a devilishly handsome man with dark eyes and also even darker secrets.

With each encounter I am drawn deeper into the labyrinth. The danger lurking beneath its surface calls to me, though it warns me to stay away.

Triple Threat Pdf Download

Except that he has a new page every time we meet. A different danger with every touch. It’s like three different men trying to devour me.

He’s not just a villain. Has three.

K. Webster’s Triple Threat was completely unexpected, intense and full of intrigue. I never expected a book for the terror triplets from Ash and Winston’s book because after what they did, they seemed irrevocable to me. Lo and behold, K. Webster has created another dark and slightly romantic story in which the supposed villain has a heart. Sully, Sparrow and Scout had so many complicated shifts. They were more than the rich, cruel, spoiled brats we met in Skyscraper Cinderella.

Thoughtful, sarcastic, unexpectedly kind, Sully wanted more from his current life but stayed for his brothers; Sparrow was arrogant, charming, and a joker; Scout was the darkness and psychotic personified in this trio of brothers. Yet in her messy mind…she loved her brothers very much and only wanted to protect them. What they never anticipated was Landry Croft having the power to possibly bring them to their knees.

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Landry is the kind of hero I adore for her caring and gentle nature, especially towards her younger sister Della, but she also has a heart of steel when it comes to monsters. Behind this ice princess is a young woman who is simply trying to survive her cruel and tyrannical father. Unfortunately, she may have left one cage for another while the triplets trail behind her. Over the course of the book, Landry develops close but different relationships with one another, the Mannford brothers.

My favorite would have to be really between the Sully and Sparrow. Della and Sully’s relationship was adorable and fun, which softened Landry’s heart. Landry and Sparrow’s relationship was teasing and playful. Scout, on the other hand, really was dark and also erotic. The twist in all of this was that the triplets pretended to be one person.

I ended up having this “salvation, huh?” really enjoyed. Story written by K. Webster for Terror Triplets. I completely forgot they were loosely related to the Morellis, and finding out that Bryant controlled them behind the scenes was pretty interesting. Since this book is set in the Midnight Dynasty, a lot has happened since Winston and Ash got together, especially between Constantine and Morelli. I’m sure Bryant won’t be able to fully control the Terror Triplets for long because his power, while having something, is waning.

Triple Threat book ends with a cliffhanger that definitely made me want more and I was looking forward to the next volume. Unfortunately, there is no stand-alone book here. Fans of K. Webster and the Midnight Dynasty saga will love and be amazed by this book. I really commend the author for making “main male material” out of these 3. I highly recommend reading Skyscraper Cinderella for more context and additional background on the Terror Triplets as they were different back then.

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