Download A Forbidden Fate [PDF] By Kaven Hirning

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A Forbidden Fate book pdf download for free or read online, also A Forbidden Fate pdf was written by Kaven Hirning.

BookA Forbidden Fate
AuthorKaven Hirning
Size1.3 MB

A Forbidden Fate Book PDF download for free

A Forbidden Fate Book PDF download for free

A centuries-long war, an enchanted forest and a curse.
Idalia leaves her castle to marry the new King of the Deep, certain that this union will be the last step in saving her kingdom.

You must travel through Florian Wood, a mysterious place shrouded in legend and myth. Things go wrong when the princess is captured by a gang of thieves, and they soon discover that the forest tales weren’t just stories after all. To make matters worse, she finds herself in this nightmare with her rival; A shameless bandit who likes to talk and drink too much.

Despite the dangers of the forest, there is a much more serious threat to both of them: each other. In addition to their country at war, they were also cursed by the gods. They really can never touch or they will die and also their entire kingdoms with them. Join Idalia and a group of the misfits on this very harrowing journey. One full of sadness, horror, forbidden love… and lots of alcohol.

A Forbidden Fate Book Pdf Download

So I really liked that! As the book progressed, it became easier to get started. At first the short sentences made it difficult (for me) to get the reading going, but honestly the book was great. It has created a world where it is easy to get lost without an information repository. There were many times in fantasy novels where I had to skim parts that were repetitive, and it wasn’t like that at all.

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I’ve laughed out loud at an interaction between Braze and the musician, and there were times I could feel the MC’s frustration with the cards being dealt. A great book with a cliffhanger ending. I know he’s working on book 2 and I’ll definitely pre-order it when it’s available. Overall, it’s definitely worth the purchase and I’m incredibly happy for you, Kaven. Excellent work on your first (of many) novels!

I have loved all the places this book has taken me. I loved the pictures, the depth and the description. He had the best rhythm. I forgot I wasn’t reading from an already bestselling/New York Times author. I have so many questions that I know will be answered.

Communication was all our new adult love books needed. necessity, I tell you.

The supporting characters are also the main characters, okay? !!

I was only confused once about how Minea works and who these women are, but I also had to slow down and really enjoy reading it instead of trying to read it too fast.

My Favorite New Author Fantasy Book I’ve Read From The Beginning!

I am absolutely in love with every character, every plot choice and every possible outcome of these books. I will eagerly await the next book and my heart beats with more love today than it did before reading the book. Kaven, thank you for bringing this world to life and giving us romance lovers another (if not more) iconic couple to swoon over. I can’t wait to learn more about torrent and really look forward to any other work Kaven plans to release. I will be a loyal reader and fan to the end.

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He immediately fell in love with this world. You might even choose to build more worlds. I want to know more! Even so, the pacing in this book was masterful. Never boring. I was even looking forward to the chapters in the past and that’s something I usually don’t like.

The dynamic between the two main characters is absolutely captivating. What a cool concept.
I wasn’t the biggest fan of some of the writing styles, and some of the tropes felt a bit tired, but ultimately the fast pace of the storyline left little room to fully feel those concerns.
I finished this book too quickly. where is the sequel

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