Download A Game Of Malice And Greed [PDF] By Caroline Peckham And Susanne Valenti

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A Game Of Malice And Greed Book book pdf download for free or read online, also A Game Of Malice And Greed pdf was written by Caroline Peckham And Susanne Valenti.

BookA Game Of Malice And Greed
AuthorCaroline Peckham And Susanne Valenti
Size1.1 MB

A Game Of Malice And Greed Book PDF download for free

A Game Of Malice And Greed Book PDF download for free

Just one book out and I’m already obsessed. I love retelling fairy tales in a dark and twisted way and at the same time creating a whole new world (pun intended). This world is so detailed that it’s hard not to imagine it as a real place. The characters are fantastic as always. Brooklyn will always be my girl, but Kyra is very close. She knew as soon as I read her chapter that she was in love with her. Austyn, Drake and Cassius are really strong characters. My heart broke so many times for Austin. I love her strength and I can’t wait to see her fight for her life.

A Game Of Malice And Greed Pdf Download

Cassius is such a loyal man. He fights for what he believes is right, even when people don’t deserve it. Drake hasn’t had the easy life, but I really love how carefree he is. He made me laugh so many times while reading. Although I would like to hit him over the head right now. There is a lot to unpack in this book and things I can’t even begin to understand. After that cliff, I know the Twister sisters won’t make it easy for us, and this series is going to be one long ride of torture and pain, with a side of fun and laughter.

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The world building is beyond amazing. The characters are seriously Chefs Kiss I loved that this is a mix of retelling Aladdin and Repunzal, which are two of my favorite stories/movies.

Cassius has a golden retriever vibe, Drake is an anti-hero who is a greedy jerk but will make you laugh about it. Kyra literally reminds me of Brooklyn with a B (The Death Club), she’s hilarious with a touch of weirdness from having been imprisoned in a coin for thousands of years. Austyn is a strong-willed and brash FMC that you’ll want to see break all the rules.

This book will leave you on the edge of your seat and also wanting more. In true Twisted Sister fashion, they leave you on a cliffhanger from hell that will make you scream or cry (they love our tears). I definitely need book 2 after this ending!

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