Download Royal Gone Rogue [PDF] By Emma St. Clair

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Royal Gone Rogue Book book pdf download for free or read online, also Royal Gone Rogue pdf was written by Emma St. Clair.

BookRoyal Gone Rogue
AuthorEmma St. Clair
Size734 KB

Royal Gone Rogue Book PDF download for free

Royal Gone Rogue Book PDF download for free

This book was absolutely fantastic! A modern fairy tale à la Cinderella, but it doesn’t feel dated or predictable, it’s super engaging and feels super fresh even when you think the story has been done many times before. But then again, who doesn’t love a good real fairy tale?

This book was SO. A LOT. FUN! I’m not usually the fan of fairy tales like romance, but this one blew my mind and kept me entertained to the end! I really loved reading about Phillip and Alessia and also their beautiful love story. While it was very much an Installalove story, it didn’t once feel like Installalove to me, if that makes sense!

Royal Gone Rogue Pdf Download

I cannot express enough my love for these two. Individually they are great, but together they are really sensational! Every moment of their relationship is filled with chemistry and while their situation is unique, there is a sense of reality about them together – I could feel everything that was going on between them and it felt so good. It was totally addicting and I couldn’t get enough of these lovable, fascinating and compelling characters… there are so many supporting characters that I want to read more about in future books.

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Emma St. Clair offers a fun, sweet and charming romance with Royal Gone Rogue. Well written, well developed characters, a perfect combination of love, powerlessness and humor. An incredible ending, an even better epilogue, this book met all my expectations and more. I loved this story and it left me with a big smile on my face.

That was so deliciously cute and funny! I caught it in one afternoon and alternated between passing out and laughing the whole time. At one point I laughed so hard I cried and when my husband came out to see why and I told him he was laughing too.

In a modern day Cinderella tale, Prince Philip of Elsinore is trying to find a wife, but not the shallow, titled celebrities he’s been accused of. Guided by rules and logic, he enlists his friend and assistant to use spreadsheets and a rubric to find him the perfect woman, believing that if he finds the right woman, love will eventually follow.

So he goes undercover to Italy to meet and propose to Alessia, a hardworking, community-minded woman who works at his grandfather’s restaurant. But when he actually meets her, his plan – and his heart – go haywire!

I loved the development of Phillips and Alessia’s relationship as they saw each other for who they really were and brought out the best in each other and the parts of themselves they didn’t know were there. And while there were some misunderstandings, they communicated and made decisions like adults. I also loved that we both got to see into each other’s worlds and the adjustments that entailed.

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It also had so many wonderful characters! From a bunch of curious Italian nonos to romantic bodyguards, curious villagers and wild royal brothers. There were countless laughs (abusing the term “package” made me die ?). And while this may be a behind-closed-doors romance, the chemistry was intense! Not to mention a lot of passion. Just another taste of why Emma has become one of my favorite authors!

If you love a good rom-com and Cinderella story, be sure to check this out.

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