Download A Kingdom Of Blood And Betrayal [PDF] By Holly Renee

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A Kingdom Of Blood And Betrayal book pdf download for free or read online, also A Kingdom Of Blood And Betrayal pdf was written by Holly Renee.

BookA Kingdom Of Blood And Betrayal
AuthorHolly Renee
Size547 KB

A Kingdom Of Blood And Betrayal Book PDF download for free

A Kingdom Of Blood And Betrayal Book PDF download for free

My destiny is tied to two princes, one of blood and one of power, but my trust belongs to neither.

My skin is cursed by the stars, my destiny cursed by lust.

But when the dark prince offers me a deal that will save his people and my life, the cruel and intoxicating man leaves me no choice.

Our union is his revenge and I am his victim.

His lies are inexcusable. His wicked touch really still bathes me in sin.

He is my mate and also he is being tortured by a curse to protect his own people from his own family.

Now she could see him exactly as he was him. Why can’t I get her seductive touch out of my head?

I am the key to saving the kingdom from him, but only he has the power to ruin me.

A Kingdom Of Blood And Betrayal Book Pdf Download

So much heat and tension… you could cut it with a knife. Everything has been exalted in this book; the passion, the chemistry, the feelings, the tension, the emotions, everything!

Adara is upset with Evren, and the anger doesn’t even begin to cover the emotional turmoil she feels at the betrayal he set in motion to take Adara away from her brother. They may be close partners, but she refuses to accept the idea if she can’t trust him or a word that comes from her beautiful lips.

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While Evren had her reasons and doesn’t regret them, Adara doesn’t feel better because she leaned towards them from the start and that betrayal nullified the progress they made in her relationship, causing her to lose everything. faith in him. Adara is an emotional wreck because of the betrayal and her bond doesn’t make it any easier because she wants it and while he says he wants her, is it really her or the bond or power she gains from her?

This book was unbeatable!! I had full sympathy for Adara in terms of trust issues, but I also felt these deep emotions swarming around her because, like I said, they were jumping off the page and I was swimming in it along with Adara and Evren.

I loved all the excitement and magic mixed with the paranormal realm. It is an epic story that I never get tired of. I can’t wait for the next part of the story because the ending… I just have to know!

I have been anxiously counting down the days waiting for the release of this book so I can find out what happened after the precipice of book 1. I am addicted to this series! I am super grateful to have been blessed with a first copy and let me tell you, I devoured it even faster than the first.
Now I am stunned and speechless with another cliffhanger before it is published, and now I will be crying in a corner as I start a new countdown until March, when Book 3 is published. ???

This book made me feel EVERY emotion. Adara with her pain and anger at being able to read about the war within herself as she tries to fight her bond with Evryn (and sometimes fails because… um, he’s the best ?), the fear and anticipation was killing me, and When the train wins, steam is a dream ?
and Evryn. OMG. She knows exactly what she wants…the friend of hers. He is possessive, but he also has that warm and soft side that just melts you.?
I also really enjoyed seeing Adaras develop connections with some of the other characters and how she too began to grow and figure out what she wants. I need more.

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That ending was crazy! I had a great feeling of dread as I got closer to the end and it is definitely a cliffhanger!

A Kingdom of Blood and Betrayal follows Evren and Adara as a return to the Blood Court after the events of the last book. Adara still doesn’t trust Evren (for good reason), but she’s conflicted with herself for continuing to love him. Evren will do whatever it takes to protect her when she is threatened again, leading to a final murderous chapter of revelation and more betrayal.

You guys… this book… I really loved it. It has the best of all worlds. We get some great character development as Adara learns about her powers and the Starblessed in general while she struggles with her feelings for Evren. We get ALL the spices…it’s burning. And then we have the friendship between Thalia and Adara. Their friendship is so good and these ladies are so badass. Also, I need more of what’s going on between Thalia and Sorin. Thalia really deserves the everything in my opinion.

Overall I really loved this one and will be dying for the next one until it comes out. If you love romance, the romance of destiny, a morally gray prince who talks dirty and a wayward heroine who fights him all the time, these are books you must read.

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