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A Long Time Coming book pdf download for free or read online, also A Long Time Coming pdf was written by Meghan Quinn.

BookA Long Time Coming
AuthorMeghan Quinn
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A Long Time Coming Book PDF download for free

A Long Time Coming Book PDF download for free

I loved the romance inspired by my best friend’s wedding from friends to lovers so much! A Long Time Coming is the 3 and also final book about the Cane brothers. If you haven’t read A So Not Meet Cute or So Not Meant to Be yet, you should. The books stand on their own (you don’t have to read them before this one), but they’re all so fun, cute, and spicy.

Breaker (aka Pickle) and Lia are really hot nerds who met at with each other their college’s secret Scrabble club. Everyone can see that they are in love with each other except them. However, Breaker begins to see Lia in a whole new light when he helps her plan a wedding to Brian, the fiasco, and protects her from his soon-to-be father-in-law. Brian’s mom (aka Beave) is literally the worst.

A Long Time Coming Pdf Download

I loved the connection between Breaker and Lia. Breaker as honor pickle who longed for his best friend was so weak. I supported her all the time. The spice in this one was quite spicy, but it burns slowly and takes a while to get there.

Breaker’s interactions with his brothers made me laugh out loud! Huxley is my absolute favorite. Lia has also found her place among wives and girlfriends. The girls were raunchy than the boys and I lived for their breaker sex predictions.

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We’re also getting some hints of Banner’s next love story and I’m nervous! I have strong feelings about this (Nichole!). I’m excited to see where this story will go (take Nichole) and can’t wait to read what this author has to come up with next!

Funny, sweet and romantic, A Long Time Coming was an absolute treat. Breaker and Lia were adorable together and I loved watching them realize there was more than friendship between them.

Lia was adorably awkward and the situations she found herself in made me laugh out loud as I read. Bold and energetic, she is not afraid to be herself. The only person in her life she really understands is her best friend, Breaker. Not even her fiancé understands her and sees her as much as Breaker does.

OMG Breaker Cane is EVERYTHING! He’s the best friend a girl could ask for. Kind, supportive and always there when needed, he begins to realize that his feelings for Lia are more than friendship, but is it too late for her to realize what they might have? I loved his quiet determination and his dirty mouth.

This book was the ultimate cooked perfection. The chemistry between Breaker and Lia was absolutely amazing, but what she really loved was how well they understood and complemented each other. Their banter was witty and funny while also having the kind of honest and open communication that strengthened their relationship.

A Long Time Coming was so much fun and full of laughter and heart. It was the perfect ending to the Kane brothers series and I loved seeing so many characters from previous books. I hope we see more from a specific baseball player in the future.

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