Download A Quiet Retreat [PDF] By Kiersten Modglin

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A Quiet Retreat book pdf download for free or read online, also A Quiet Retreat pdf was written by Kiersten Modglin.

BookA Quiet Retreat
AuthorKiersten Modglin
Size871 KB

A Quiet Retreat Book PDF download for free

A Quiet Retreat Book PDF download for free

Two Stories Side by Side Five writers in a remote retreat. A young couple trying to make ends meet, seemingly with no connection to the writers. Suspicion falls on everyone at the retreat when mysterious things happen. The ending connects the two stories. It was an exciting read.

The characters are an interesting mix of genres, close enough to be companions but not competition. Blakely is our lead narrator and she is a writer on a mission. She has a background that we don’t get to know and a mysterious darkness that keeps her interesting. Tennessee Rivers is another character we get to know right away, and she’ll definitely put you on your toes.

A Quiet Retreat Pdf Download

Then we have Daniel, successful and also well-known of the group. He reminded me of Stephen King in many ways. Intelligent, experienced and willing to work. Lyra is another great name that is nice but not too nice. Then we have sweet Aidy, who seems genuinely happy to be in the presence of such a feat with the other four writers.

I loved the writing perspective we received; KMod has thrown a very magical look behind the curtain with this one. We were immediately drawn to the story, which is told with shifting timelines and perspectives.

Things start to happen pretty quickly, and as you can imagine, when things get lost and tensions rise in the house, it’s not so easy to scare off thriller writers.

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The delicately laid twist is established early on, and again in proper KMod fashion, we don’t realize the little details that matter until we’re slapped with relevance.

I loved how emotional this book was. It’s a very different vibe for a KMod book. Dark and twisted, great characters and a plot you’ll never unravel are a given. But each of the characters has something that they prefer to keep to themselves.

That was dark and he had to deal with years of anger and emotions. And the delivery was impeccable. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Something we love about KMod is his talent for dropping Easter eggs into his writing. Sometimes it is very obvious and sometimes it is not. She delivers the most amazing Easter egg in this novel, which she immediately made me scream in her DM because she had so many feelings.

A Quiet Retreat book felt like KMod, embracing much more darkness and edginess, and I really enjoyed it. He was able to create some terrifying situations and portray some terrifying moments in the most gritty and vulnerable way.

I devoured this book in hours and as soon as it hit my inbox I jumped into it. This is Kiersten Peak. The passion, talent, and incredible storytelling leap from the pages and hold you hostage.

After reading this book, you will surely think twice before accepting a pleasant stay in the forest.

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