Download A Shadow In The Ember [PDF] By Jennifer L. Armentrout

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A Shadow In The Ember book pdf download for free or read online, also A Shadow In The Ember pdf was written by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

BookA Shadow In The Ember
AuthorJennifer L. Armentrout
Size2.6 MB

A Shadow In The Ember Book PDF download for free

A Shadow In The Ember Book PDF download for free

Born in the veil of the Primals, a virgin as fate had promised, Seraphena Mierel’s future was never hers. Chosen before birth to honor the desperate deal her ancestor made to save her people, Sera must abandon her life and offer herself to the Ancient of Death as his consort.

Sera’s true destiny, however, is the best-kept secret in all of Lasania: she is not the well-guarded maiden, but an assassin with a mission: a target. Make the Death Primordial fall in love, become its weakness, and then… finish it off. If he fails, he dooms his kingdom to a slow demise at the hands of red.

A Shadow In The Ember Pdf Download

Sera has always known what it is. chosen ones. Wife. assassin. Weapon. A ghost that never fully formed, but is drenched in blood. A monster. until. Until the unexpected words and deeds of Primal of Death banish the darkness that is gathering within her. And his seductive touch ignites a passion she’s never allowed herself to feel and can’t feel for him. But Sera never had a choice. However, her life is lost, it always has been, as she has always been touched by life and death.

A Shadow In The Ember is my third reading of this book and I’ve always loved it. I personally like it better than “From Blood and Ash” because it has action from start to finish. Yes, FBAA is the opening book of this world, but I feel like even if I were a new reader of this world and started with, say, the prequel ASITE, I would still understand this world and how it all began. with the real effect of ASITE. So I think ASITE is much better than FBAA as the opening book in a series.

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I love Ash but I have a lot of dibs for Nektas :))) I seem to enjoy playing with death and fire :))) I followed Jennifer’s reading order on the first read and when I read TWOTQ to ASITE I screamed ’cause as a reader you start connecting things and you start grinning because you know something the current characters don’t, so thank you Jennifer for that.

Now, in preparation for ALITF, I’m re-reading the Blood and Ash series first, then A Shadow In The Ember, and on my third re-read I’m still having some issues with Sara. I don’t mind that she’s stubborn, I like that about her BUT I don’t like that she doesn’t stop listening to what people around her are saying to her a bit. This attitude tends to degenerate into arrogance, which it is not. If I were them, I would listen to them and try to get their point of view in perspective. I literally surrender to the book: “Sara, for God’s sake shut up and listen!”

I love the friendship between the primal being and the gods, the power of choice and also the trust between them. It reminded me a bit of the ACOMAF inner circle. The idea of a powerful king who has friends who have chosen to stand by him and trust him and respect him for WHO he is and not WHY he is, not forced like Kolis.

I’ve found many similarities between Sara and Poppy, and so far “as a grandmother, as a niece” :)) but I’m very interested in Ires because I’m sure Poppy has also inherited something from her father. Maybe she can turn [let’s see if she turns into a wolf – on her grandfather’s side – or a giant cat – like her father]. I’m very glad Poppy has Nyktos powers.

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I mean the shadows!!!! and Kieran’s statement that “she smells like death”!!! Well, his grandfather is Death! and when Nektas said the same thing to Sara [even if it meant completely different things :)))] I couldn’t stop laughing :)))

I didn’t understand something In A Shadow In The Ember, Nektas and Reaver have red eyes, but in TCOGB and TWOTQ they have light blue/grey eyes… Why?!?!?! I assume this will be explained in the following books, but it’s a bit disconcerting on first reading…

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