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The Savage Fae’s Mate book pdf download for free or read online, also The Savage Fae’s Mate pdf was written by Lola Grass.

BookThe Savage Fae’s Mate
AuthorLola Grass
Size647 KB

The Savage Fae’s Mate Book PDF download for free

The Savage Fae's Mate Book PDF download for free

This was such a fun read! It begins with a character to sympathize with, and then takes her on an adventure the rest of us can only dream of. Filled with beautiful shapeshifters, magic, escape and most importantly cake, this story definitely delivers. While it addresses uncomfortable trauma, it does so in a way that considers not only the gruesome aftermath, but also the joys that are yet to be found afterward. Trust, friendship, security, even love. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for the next one!

The Savage Fae’s Mate Pdf Download

Lola Glass fueled my love for fairies with her latest book, The Savage Fae’s Mate. It’s the first book in the Wild Hunt series and it’s full of characters I like and has a unique take on fairies. This book went by far too quickly and I loved every minute of it.

January “Ari” had a hard life without anyone by her side. As a foster child, she learned pretty quickly that she couldn’t rely on anyone, which led to her building walls around herself. Even after she was taken to the goblin realm and things got better, she was able to keep herself from being on the alert even with the other girls there.

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I like Ari but sometimes he frustrated me with his negativity. I give her credit for being self aware and admitting her feelings to the point where she was able to work things out. I will say that she was more scared of personal relationships than the new world, she accepted it fairly easily which is a nice change.

I have a new Fae Bae in Calian “Lian”. The man is sweet, kind, considerate, patient and loving. No matter what happened to Ari, she accepted it. The man was devoted to her and he was determined to show her. Not to mention it was a big, sexy dragon. Right, dragon, a seelie dragon. Calian took great care of Ari and was smooth the man passed out on me. He had swag, but he was also completely innocent in a way and I couldn’t help but love him.

I loved Lola’s version of the Vevol fairies. There are, of course, Seelie and Unseelie fairies. While the Seelie are about living with nature, having light in their clothes, freedom and strong emotions. Unseelie fairies remind me more of people who live in villages, wear more semi-formal clothes, are preoccupied with control and are a bit cold emotionally.

So total opposites, which includes their views on change. Fairies in this world can transform into various mythical creatures, I’m talking hellhounds, basilisks and more. Not only do they have glorious creatures, they also have wondrous magic. So far only nature magic has been used, I can’t wait to see what other magic they are capable of.

The Savage Fae’s Mate was a great read full of humor and steam. I loved meeting the girls and watching January and Calian find their happy endings. If the rest of the Wild Hunt series is anything like The Savage Fae’s Mate then I’m going to love it and Lola has a new fan. I look forward to the rest of the series.

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