Download Shotgun Spin [PDF] By Eva Chance And Harlow King

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Shotgun Spin book pdf download for free or read online, also Shotgun Spin pdf was written by Eva Chance And Harlow King.

BookShotgun Spin
AuthorEva Chance And Harlow King
Size1.2 MB

Shotgun Spin Book PDF download for free

Shotgun Spin Book PDF download for free

Raised to rule the criminal underworld… Born to skate with her heart.

As the heir to my family’s mafia throne, I’ve learned to threaten, torture and kill. But I only really feel at home on the ice.

When Mom has my coach murdered to end my skating dreams, I know it’s time to run. With my hot but forbidden bodyguard by my side, I flee to a small town where she will never find me.

All I want is to lay down and secretly perform at the local circuit. But a chance encounter with two passionate and damaged men seeking their own healing on the ice opens up new possibilities for both my skating and my heart.

Shotgun Spin Pdf Download

You have no idea who I really am. And with a gang terrorizing my new neighbors and a stalker leaving me vile gifts, I don’t know how long I can keep my past violent history alive.

Can I defend my new life without becoming the brutal mafia princess I never wanted to be?

Shotgun Spin is the first in a new mafia romance series from bestselling author Eva Chase (writes as Eva Chance) and Harlow King. Contains M/M content. Get ready for thrills on the ice, in the streets and between the sheets with four hot, passionate men and a heroine who refuses to play by the rules.

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Lou runs away from his mother and starts afresh in a small town. She is passionate about her dream of ice skating and shares this dream with Nico and Jasper, both renowned figure skaters. She also has a good heart and steps in when gangsters terrorize the residents of a small town. Lou is also brave, smart and daring.

Nico is the walking sun. He exudes carefree vibes but cares deeply about others. He trains both Lou and Jasper and wants to promote them both. He’s also the most willing to share his thoughts and feelings (though in one instance he needs a nudge from Lou).

Jasper would be considered the boys’ whiner and would sometimes have a hard time expressing himself. He tends to be on his mind a lot, but he’s also a perfectionist and wants to improve the skating experience by popularizing the art and its message. Though he can be gruff, he also has a kind heart and notices things.

Raphael has been Lou’s bodyguard since she was ten and has always been by her side ever since. He had growing feelings for her but kept her at a distance. He is very loyal and protective and wants nothing more than for Lou to be happy. He also joins some of her schemes and is the only one she can share her mafia side with.

The four form a diverse cast and I look forward to getting to know them better. The story focuses heavily on the local gang and Lou and Jasper getting ready for a local competition, but there’s also some suspense as to who’s targeting Lou and if her gangster past will catch up with her. I wouldn’t consider this book as dark as other mob romances I’ve read, but Shotgun Spin was still fun as it had a good mix of figure skating and action. I look forward to seeing what’s next!

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