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All Her Fault book pdf download for free or read online, also All Her Fault pdf was written by Andrea Mara.

Andrea Mara is a crime writer from Dublin, Ireland, where she lives with her husband and three young children.

Ella’s latest book All Her Fault is published by Transworld | Penguin Random House in July 2021.

Her first book, The Other Side of the Wall, was shortlisted for the 2018 Kate O’Brien Award and was recently a best-seller in Irish Crime on Amazon.

Her second book, One Click, was shortlisted for Irish Detective of the Year at the An Post Irish Book Awards 2018 and recently became number one in the Irish Crime and Northern Ireland Crime categories on Amazon.

Her third novel, The Sleeper Lies, published in February 2020, was an Irish Times top ten bestseller.

BookAll Her Fault
AuthorAndrea Mara
Size MB
CategoryThriller – Suspense

All Her Fault Book PDF download for free

All Her Fault Book PDF download for free


Marissa Irvine arrives at 14 Tudor Grove expecting to pick up her young son Milo from her first date to play with a boy at her new school. But the woman who answers the door is not a mother she knows. She is not the babysitter. She doesn’t have Milo. And so begins every parent’s worst nightmare.


As news of the disappearance spreads through the quiet suburbs of Dublin and an unexpected suspect is named, rumors spread about the women most closely linked to the shocking event. Because maybe only one of them kidnapped Milo, but they could all be blamed. . .

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All Her Fault Book Pdf Download

All Her Fault begins with something no parent would want to face: Marissa goes to her co-parents’ house, Jenny, to pick up their young son Milo from a playdate. But Milo is not there. In fact, neither Jenny, she doesn’t even live there.

What follows is a race against time to find Milo before something terrible happens and uncover a chaos of lies and deceit that leads Marissa to question everything and everyone she knows.

I really liked Jenny’s POV, the guilt of being associated with something like that must be shocking. I also appreciated how it felt to juggle her career with her personal life and the sacrifices expected of her on both sides to ensure things ran smoothly.

I also appreciated the addition of Irene – we don’t always get her perspective in a thriller and while I found some of the events involving her relative a bit unbelievable, I thought Irene was a solid character, which added a lot to the story. . Ditto Adeline: This added pressure added to the tension of the book.

Some of the men looked a bit like me, but I still take notes, so it wasn’t a big deal. I could have done it without Brian, but that’s just a small thing.

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