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Window Shopping book pdf download for free or read online, also Window Shopping pdf was written by Tessa Bailey.

New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey can solve any problem but her own, so she focuses her efforts on dogged fictional workers and lovable, loyal heroines. Living on Long Island, she avoids the sun and social interactions, then wonders why no one called. Dubbed the “Michelangelo of dirty talk” by Entertainment Weekly, Tessa writes with enthusiasm, panache, helplessness and a guaranteed happy ending.

BookWindow Shopping
AuthorTessa Bailey
Size1.0 MB
CategoryRomance Novel

Window Shopping Book PDF download for free

Window Shopping Book PDF download for free

Two weeks before Christmas and all of Manhattan
The windows are decorated with red and green satin.
I’m alone in front of famous Vivant department store,
when a charming man named Aiden asks me for my opinion on the installation.

It’s a tinsel tragedy, I say, unable to lie.
With a wink, he asks for a better idea.
Did you know that he was the owner of the house? I was not embarrassed.
Now I work for this man and try to ignore the fact that he’s hot.
But as a downtrodden girl with a troubled past,
I know an opportunity when I see one, and I have to take advantage of it.

I will put my heart and soul into decorating your Christmas windows.
I work nonstop.
And if we lose the battle with temptation
I’ll try to remember that I’m just window shopping.

Window Shopping Book Pdf Download

What a lovely book. Uplifting, sometimes funny and full of romantic entertainment. I’ve become so obsessed with Tessa Bailey’s books. She has a pulse for what is sheer sexy rom-com goodness. That’s exactly what we got with Window Shopping. I love love love Aiden and Stella! These were perfect opposites, sexy goodness, and such a delightful read. A funny, fresh and sexy story that filled me with the best and warmest feelings. I especially loved the grumpy/sunshine reverse aspect… I didn’t realize until now that I needed a grumpy hero/sunshine rom-com.

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He adored Aiden and Stella and loved the ups and downs of their union. His story was so fresh and interesting, it was an absolute delight and I inhaled it quite a bit. It flowed beautifully, with an absolutely perfect shade that kept a holiday-inspired smile on my face. The chemistry between the two was absolutely fiery. It was sinfully sexy, but somehow done in the way that added depth to their romance. It is also a beautiful story about personal growth, self-discovery, love and acceptance.

I loved this book… It was magical! The perfect mix of sweet and romantic, hot and dirty and touching and beautiful. Watching Aidan and Stella fall in love was so beautiful and dreamy and hot as hell. It was one that made me swoon with big heart eyes. If you need some Christmas reading then this is it. It’s adorable, fun and very addictive.

This Christmas story combined with these two characters was just what I needed this Christmas season. It’s been a tough few years for everyone, and Bailey is not ignorant of that fact. I know that years later people probably won’t want to read romance novels that mention the pandemic, but I actually like it when today’s stories don’t completely ignore the last few years.

It affected me and affected Aiden and Vivant sales. I loved how Bailey incorporated current events into the story and justified the plot without letting those current events overshadow the characters and what was important to the story.

Well, anyone who’s read Tessa Bailey knows that her spice is always on point; Stella and Aiden are warm enough to thaw out a New England winter. These two together, once they finally got past those limits, are probably my favorite Tessa Bailey pairing (sorry, Brendan and Piper). But it’s more her character development than her chemistry that made me love her so much. There’s a lot going on at Stella’s; She’s starting over, really growing up for the first time in her life and trying to reconcile her past mistakes with her current impostor syndrome.

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She doesn’t think anyone would give her a chance, least of all cheerful Aiden. But she not only gave him that opportunity, but he defended her and believed in her when no one else did. She loved the hope that Aiden instilled in Stella, and she loved doubly that she could see the darker side of her when no one else could.

The grumpy/sunny inverse trope of hers worked great for them, but more than anything I loved that, deep down, they were exactly who they needed to be for the other person. Stella needed Aiden’s light to fight her shadows, and Aiden needed Stella’s darkness to ground him and realize he just needed to be himself.

As always, Bailey did an excellent job here. Stella and Aiden weren’t just Spice for Spice’s sake; They were on fire together, but it was their journey together and their deep bond that really made this romance for me. Shopping will be a favorite holiday romance for years to come.

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