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Amy Falls Down book pdf download for free or read online, also Amy Falls Down pdf was written by Jincy Willett.

BookAmy Falls Down
AuthorJincy Willett
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Amy Falls Down Book PDF download for free

Amy Falls Down Book PDF download for free

Amy Gallup is an elderly writer and writing teacher who lives in Escondido, California with her dog, Alphonse. She has made some progress since recent disturbing events. She still has writer’s block, but she doesn’t suffer from it. She is still a recluse, but she has welcomed some of her classmates into her life. She’s no longer numb, angry or sardonic: she’s just numb and amused, which is as close to happiness as she pretended to be. Amy is calm.

As she shuffles into her backyard garden on New Year’s morning to plant a Norfolk pine, she is unprepared for what happens next.

Amy falls down.

A simple accident that results in something happening, and then something else, and then a number of different things, all as unpredictable as an eight-ball break. At first, the changes are small, but as these small events blend into one another, Amy’s life changes in ways that range from the ridiculous to the terrifying to the profound.

This extremely reluctant adventurer is dragged and propelled by trains, planes, and automobiles through a bizarre series of old media events on her journey to celebrity, much to her dismay. And as the numbness begins to wear off, she encounters something she’s avoided all her life: her future, this “sleeping monster that must not be pricked.”

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Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett explores the role accidents play in all of our lives through the experiences of one character. “You turn a corner and beasts break out in arias, shots go off, wake up a hundred families, start a hundred different conversations.

We are all like Amy. We are all

Amy Falls Down Book Pdf Download

Amy Falls Down is sort of a sequel to an earlier book, The Writing Class, with the same cast of characters. The first book is a mystery of the Ten Little Indians variety and this is a dark graphic novel, but both are really books about being a writer in 21st century America. Willett’s leading lady is Amy Grubman, who found early success with serious literature but hasn’t written in decades. She leads a lonely existence in suburban San Diego, teaching outreach courses in creative writing.

Amy is a wonderful character who accepts her moody loneliness, plays mind games with herself, and reluctantly mentors a group of writing students. Though not written in the first person, the entire narrative takes place inside Amy’s head, much of it a commentary on what it means to be an artist in today’s world of relentless hype and self-expression.

The writing course was a kind of meditation on creativity, isolation and the possibilities of building a real and illusory community through the Internet. There is much more action in Amy Falls Down.

After “the fall” and the resulting concussion, Amy gives an interview and is suddenly swept up in a resurgent career that seems like a freak accident to her. After decades of not writing, she suddenly writes and is catapulted into the world of professional fiction by her beautifully bewitched agent, Maxine.

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From radio interviews to author talks to TV shows, this latest introvert reluctantly emerges as a star. Willetts uses Amy’s resurgent career to comment on the current writing scene with dark sarcasm. The book is both funny and moving as we journey with Amy back to the central tragedy of her life and face a new beginning. Beautifully written and absolutely captivating.

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