Download An Act Of Foul Play [PDF] By T E Kinsey

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An Act Of Foul Play book pdf download for free or read online, also An Act Of Foul Play pdf was written by T E Kinsey.

BookAn Act Of Foul Play
AuthorT E Kinsey
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An Act Of Foul Play Book PDF download for free

An Act Of Foul Play Book PDF download for free

November 1911. Lady Emily Hardcastle celebrates her birthday by attending a play at Bristol Duke’s Theater with her maid and confidant, the inimitable Flo. The first act is a triumph. Then the second act begins with a body on stage, a real one. One of the actors was brutally murdered during the intermission.

When other things prevent Inspector Sunderland from overseeing the case himself, he hires the ever resourceful Lady H to keep an eye on the suspects and their colleagues. Inventing their own cunning disguises, she and Flo soon find themselves hidden deep within the cast and crew, pulling back the curtain on some shocking secrets and rivalries…

An Act Of Foul Play Pdf Download

The problem is that everyone seems to have a motive and everyone seems to have an alibi… In this locked room mystery where nothing is as it seems, amateur detectives must pull off the performance of their lives if they want the Opportunity to light up the truth…

Lady Hardcastle’s birthday party, one night at the Bristol Theatre, this time without Littleton-Cotterell, is interrupted by a murder on stage. Luckily, Inspector Sunderland is at the theater party and the chop-chop investigation can begin. Handy, that. And Lady H and her “little servant” are featured in “An Act of Foul Play,” the ninth in T.E. Kinsey.

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Count on the banter to be the order of the day, too, as our daring duo find out who won it against actor Paul Singleton. This time they have help: Flo’s twin sister Gwenith Evans has come to visit. If you feel this doesn’t flow into the plot, you deserve to turn in your crime fiction reading card.

They have to do an initial investigation, undercover if you will, where they get all sorts of ideas and discover jealousy and all that in the ranks. A member of the squad is arrested, but Lady H and Flo know there’s more detection (and smarter banter) to come. Oh, and by the way, someone’s robbing the local pub. You agree to review this as well. Of course with a satisfactory result. Author Kinsey makes sure no twist is left unturned and so on.

Then a stagehand is murdered. First thought: a blackmailer? I’ve read crime fiction for too long. Our author understands: blackmail is. But of course there’s always more to the story, and readers continue to work with Lady H and her helpful sidekick Flo (with the help of her sister Gwen) to uncover more reasons why Paul Singleton had to be removed. As always, there are numerous references to everything the ladies discuss in their inimitable way, so pay attention!

And then we have the big twist: great fun. Lady H explains how it was all done. Now all he needs is the “confession” of the culprit. A trap is set and Flo finds herself in a rather exciting ending. Another very satisfying ending.

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An author’s note explains more about the genesis of the story, the setting, and other inclusions. It’s insightful and definitely gives you an idea of ​​the theater setting. An Act of Foul Play sees Lady Hardcastle and Flo once again at the top of their game, making sure no one gets away with murder.

An Act of Foul Play introduces one of my favorite investigative duos to the world of theatre, and while the story slowed down a little at times, it was a delight to watch Lady Hardcastle and Florence Armstrong work their usual magic. . This time around, readers also meet Flo’s twin sister, Gwenith, and she added a fun twist to the witty repartee.

Hardcastle and Armstrong quickly solve Inspector Wyatt’s mistakes, while Gwenith proves an important part of solving the mystery of who is stealing alcohol from the local pub, the dog and the duck.

Throughout this series, author T.E. Kinsey not only captivated me with his characters and wonderful dialogue, but also gave me insight into various aspects of English life in the 1910s. This series never fails to put a smile on my face, and even I added a word to my vocabulary after reading An Act of Foul Play. I think most of us get motivated before leaving the house to go to work or to go shopping. I just didn’t know I was doing this.

Anyone who enjoys light-hearted historical mysteries must meet Lady Hardcastle and her “maid, part-time spy and full-time nosy”, Florence Armstrong. I wouldn’t dream of missing out on one of his adventures.

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