Download 100% Free And Stella Turns A Mom: A Psycho-Erotic Journey From Corporate Scenario To The Cosmic Truth [PDF] By Roddur Roy

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And Stella Turns A Mom: A Psycho-Erotic Journey From Corporate Scenario To The Cosmic Truth book pdf download for free or read online, also And Stella Turns A Mom: A Psycho-Erotic Journey From Corporate Scenario To The Cosmic Truth pdf was written by Roddur Roy.

And Stella Becomes a Mom is a journey from the mundane corporate setting to the cosmic truth that reveals the open woman as well as the human psychological perception of self, sexuality, motherhood and temporal responsibilities and the fulfillment of a person in everyday life and work.

The revelation of a masculine psyche towards the discovery of the social and cosmic value of the feminine psyche and humanity and the achievement of the balance of the soul level and the energy of all cosmic beings is linked to the own sphere of the Self that defines me.

The sense of self as a resource in both the individualistic social quest and the global quest for self-discovery is incorporated into a postmodernist and sometimes suboptimal language.

The use of language and the alternative cultural notion of seeing human relationships as linked to social development and at the soul level is central to the work. Stella, a symbol of female heart-mind-body humanity and motherhood, is defined in the personal responsibilities of creating a state of stability in spiritual perspective expressed in the language of the principles of consciousness in the form of love for a woman and mother from the point of view of a man and wear.

The scene is symbolized in the work with a mix of ideas and dream sequences around a sense of merging, joining, and fostering individual-organizational-sociocosmic truths and philosophies.

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BookAnd Stella Turns A Mom: A Psycho-Erotic Journey From Corporate Scenario To The Cosmic Truth
AuthorRoddur Roy
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And Stella Turns A Mom Book PDF download for free

And Stella Turns A Mom Book PDF download for free

Stella’s character is depicted as the Eternal Mother, who is encouraged and inspired by her to face and fulfill her cosmic responsibilities as self-realization in all spheres of love, including body, mind, and soul.

Therefore, sexuality, motherhood, building psychological warmth, and fulfilling the cosmic role of an entity mimicking another cosmic entity are all centered in the context of becoming a mother.

Stella, being a worldly citizen and corporate worker, is limited by social and organizational norms, while her role as her mother is perceived and seen by her own inner psyche, expressed as a narrator. or the voice of the protagonist reveals the secret of a cosmic realization.

To create anything in the universe. Civilization, in the form of time and the creation of the universe, goes through stages of development. Reality stinks for all citizens in many ways.

Therefore, the spirit of souls liberated and unhindered from worldly norms towards love and freedom, is encouraged in the manifestation of truth.

Stella travels with her as the protagonist expresses all of her warmth, anguish, excitement, and fondness for the spirit of motherhood and refers to a new civilization to create anything on the cosmic plane that is more rational than the existing one.

And Stella Turns A Mom Book Pdf Download

Thus, the notion of motherhood and Stella’s self-controlled attitudes are questioned and the search to understand a larger time and space to reach a different psyche of the self and release the spirit of earthly femininity and motherhood to the truth.

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philosophical Cosmic Mind. The personal definition of the self is freed from the cosmic discovery and definition of any entity that defines and realizes the conscious state and abilities of the self in a larger framework of a surreal environment that reveals the truth of universal laws.

The journey delves into the most postmodernist and surrealist mix that builds, rebuilds and rebuilds, starting from a different reality through working life and everyday emotions and relationships, and the convergence of consciousness of multiple experiences that unfolds before a multidisciplinary approach that reaches.

A destructive, stable and creative sense of self is therefore felt in a greater degree of restored self-definition. Language, at times, leaves the traditional framework and reaches the dreamy sharp and creative dissolution of the sphere of neolinguistic expression. Sexuality and so-called sharp and anti-state or anti-religious words become more significant to reveal the inner psyche.

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