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The Devil You Know book pdf download for free or read online, also The Devil You Know pdf was written by Elizabeth O’Roark.

Elizabeth O’Roark is an American author, Elizabeth O’Roark is known for writing very entertaining and captivating romance novels. He understands the genre perfectly and really makes the best of it, exploring many different new ideas and concepts with it. As clear and precise as she is imaginative, she takes her readers on a journey and creates entire worlds through her work. This approach to writing has led her to great success around the world, reaching countless readers from near and far.

She also knows her audience well and delivers exactly what they want while staying true to her work. Differing in herself and her ideas, she is unique in her perspective and approach, and finds a writing style that is completely unique to her. It’s also the use of the romance genre that works very well, bringing in elements of the paranormal and taking it to another level. There is usually an underlying message in each of his books as well, although he never forgets to ensure the reader is entertained every step of the way.

Elizabeth O’Roark has a long history as a writing professional and has always had an interest in reading and writing. This passion of hers developed over the years as she found a unique style and got closer to herself. As a college graduate with various degrees, she always returned to her love of writing.

She started out as a medical writer and over the years found an audience and a voice of her own as she began to pursue full-time fiction writing. She drew heavily from his own life and used many of his own experiences for inspiration, along with her love of the romance genre. She currently resides in Washington DC with her three children and continues to write novels regularly and will continue to do so for a long time.

BookThe Devil You Know
AuthorElizabeth O’Roark
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The Devil You Know Book PDF download for free

The Devil You Know Book PDF download for free

There’s a devil sitting on my shoulder and it’s announced every Monday morning. She is that lush flame in my chest, a flood of whispered suggestions in my ear. Suggestions I ignore because each of them involves Ben Tate.

Ben: Customer thief, homeless woman scavenger, nemesis. Sits across from me every damn Monday with his smug, charming smile and all-too-perfect teeth, the living symbol of everything I hate.

It’s been my policy to avoid it, but when a case comes to the firm that could change your career and mine, I make an exception. It means weekends and evenings by your side. It means putting up with her smile and smart mouth and never taking the bait.

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Until the night Ben says “beg”… and this demon on my shoulder decides to make some demands of his own.

The Devil You Know Book Pdf Download

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to remember where I’d heard Ben Tate’s name before, but once I registered it, it all fell into place. But even if you haven’t read the previous two books in the series, this book works perfectly as a standalone book. And if you’ve read the first two, you’re going to love this one because it was so beautiful, my god.

In The Devil You Know, Elizabeth O’Roark covers a common and frustrating subject, but she does it pretty well. I have a feeling countless readers will relate to this and understand the struggles of being a woman in a male-dominated workplace as this book tackles bullying, misogyny and even the #MeToo movement and weaves it together at the same time it creates a beautiful romance between the two protagonists that you might end up feeling a bit hungover. But of course in all good ways.

I like strong, badass, powerful women who put men down day in and day out, and O’Roark does that with every book in this series. But I think Gemma’s level of sass, tenacity and determination might be my favorite. As an attorney at an established Los Angeles law firm, Gemma is working towards becoming a partner and the only woman at that level. But there are more than enough obstacles in his way. Not just the man she considers her rival and nemesis, but literally all men who are already partners. But that doesn’t stop Gemma, no.

You’ll get that partner position no matter the cost, even if it means looking your bosses in the face when things go horribly wrong. But on the other hand, Gemma’s history with her parents’ divorce and her obsession with Hallmark films shows you how determined she is not to stand on the sidelines and let others do the work. She was the perfect balance of all the heroines I’ve read and I think that’s what really drew me to her.

And then there’s Ben Tate. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get his point of view because after getting to know Josh’s side in The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea I thought we’d see a more masculine perspective. However, the story continues to flow and works perfectly even without her. So I’m not complaining, I’m just watching I guess?

Anyway Ben. I loved that Ben had so much more to offer than meets the eye and we learned about him and discovered things about him like Gemma does and has this mystery about him from the start suitable. I liked that even through Gemma’s eyes it seemed a bit complex and had a lot to offer that we didn’t all get to know at once. Which was oddly endearing.

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Your relationship is hot. Not just the vapor (which is awesome), but the chemistry as well. As rivals vying for the partner position, Gemma and Ben are constantly bickering over various cases and things. And that teasing, that back-and-forth, that tension and that burning lust and desire really amplifies everything. I could honestly go on forever just writing a review of the pranks because it was awesome. It was snappy, cutting, funny and entertaining. It also gave me an insight into these characters and that was probably one of my favorite things about it.

I didn’t want this book to end so I tried to drag it out, but at the same time it was so brilliant it was hard to put down! Elizabeth O’Roark has done it again and I am absolutely and completely in love with her writing, her thoughts and can’t wait to see what comes next!

This was probably my favorite book in the series so far. This is a perfect office romance for lovers! I loved Ben and Gemma’s snarky quips, their insanely hot chemistry that could set the world on fire, and the way they built trust and a relationship with each other. Seriously, the whole combo was so good and these two, especially Ben, will make you swoon!

LISTEN. Elizabeth O’Roark made me completely reconsider my status as a non-angst romance reader because THE ANGUST in this book sent me in the best possible way and oh my god I loved it!

Ben and Gemma are lawyers from the same firm with a great reputation: she as a ruthless and cold “man-eater” in court and he as the arrogant golden boy of the firm. Their office romance from rivals to lovers was filled with incredible, witty banter and their all-consuming chemistry. The sexual charge between them totally jumped off the page gave me the goosebumps! Seriously, their chemistry building was so amazing that I gritted my teeth in great anticipation of meeting them.

This was narrated in single POV and while I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected I’m a little sad that we didn’t get Ben’s POV as I think he would have made a much more rounded character and I did honestly wanted to know what he was doing and thought about certain points. But I think O’Roark did a fantastic job showing his character through Gemma’s eyes.

He definitely won me over with his affection, his playful jokes, the way he had Gemma’s back even when she thought he was stealing clients, and his dirty talk. There were so many dizzying moments that made my heart beat so fast!

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Gemma was quite an interesting, complex character and I loved all of her layers. She might be one of my favorite FMCs because she was so realistic and relatable. She’s aggressive at times for being so withdrawn, but I felt her pain and fear of being vulnerable so deeply. What I also loved was that she’s a secret sweetheart and a hopeless romantic, just like Ben! She has such a big heart and I loved seeing her drive to ensure her clients who have been abused by a system that inherently favors patriarchy get what they deserve.

In the epilogue we get a little hint of what story might be next and I’m really excited because these romances just keep getting better and better so I can’t wait to read them.

Ben has been the Gemma’s nemesis ever since he has started working at the same law firm and stole one of her clients. She is determined to become a member of this “boys club”. When a career-changing case hits the firm, they’re suddenly forced to bury the hatchet and work together. It’s just that the more time they spend together, the more apparent the underlying attraction becomes. But Gemma won’t give up all her hard-earned work.

There isn’t a book by this author that I haven’t loved. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I loved this story too. This workplace romance between foe and lover was filled with searing banter and chemistry from the start. I had a smile on my face for the first two chapters. You will laugh. But you will also feel many other emotions in parts of this story. At one point I was even ready to fire up my Kindle!

This story is told from Gemma’s point of view, and while I didn’t feel like I missed Ben’s point of view, I would have liked to have had it anyway, as we met him earlier in the series. Anyway, you have his vibe. He exuded confidence. In a mostly sexy way. While still feeling like the passed out guy next door. And Gemma, what a mean woman. Hard work. Full of cheek and sarcasm. But she has a hidden flaw that almost kills me sometimes when she shows it.

But these two, god, they were just perfect together. The chemistry was explosive. The pantry scene… Need I say more!!?? Although they could have used a crash course in communication at times, he loved them both and was deeply interested in their history.

The words of this author always feel easy to read. It’s so easy to get lost in their stories. I loved the extras, like the misogyny theme, especially in the workplace. It connected me even more to Gemma and this story. A fantastic must-read romance. Can’t wait for what’s next from this author!

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