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Balanced And Tied book pdf download for free or read online, also Balanced And Tied pdf was written by Mary Calmes.

Mary Calmes believes in romance, in happily ever after, and in the faith that her characters need to get there. She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be her own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a six-pound furry ninja who protects her from the neighbor’s baby birds, spiders, and dogs.

BookBalanced And Tied
AuthorMary Calmes
Size340 KB

Balanced And Tied Book PDF download for free

Balanced And Tied Book PDF download for free

Deputy US Marshal Eli Kohn is doing well. As director of public affairs for the Northern District, he represents the USMS in Chicago, and that suits him. Yes, it’s exhausting to always be on fire, smiling and waving, even in the face of adversity, but he does his job well and no one sees him break a sweat.

However, his personal life is stagnant and that does not seem to change. But that’s fine too. Eli would rather spend his free time with his best friend, Cel, and lately, when they’re not together, he misses him more and more…

Celso Harrington, a principal dancer with the Chicago Ballet Company, feels helpless and longs for someone to be there to help and punish him. It’s rare to find that anchor in a man who has been catching bad guys for a living. Celso has to do with art and beauty; Eli is all about safety and public service. They couldn’t be more different, but from the moment they met it felt like they’d known each other forever.

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They are just what the other needs and Celso would love for them to be more than just friends, but he can’t compromise what they have and Eli is too locked up in his own head. When events threaten to destroy their carefully constructed sanctuary, they must both take a chance or risk losing everything.

Balanced And Tied Book Pdf Download

great story It’s good that Eli finally found one. Celso is perfect and they balance well. And yes, there is a bit of intrigue, murder and arrest.

Nice addition to the Marshals series. It was also great to catch up with characters from previous stories. Who would have thought that Ian would give relationship advice!
Mary Calmes is a car buy for me and she has never let me down.

I am delighted to see Eli Kohn elegantly dressed living happily ever after. Mary Calmes writes such endearing characters that I am always grateful when we can look back on one of her series and catch up on everyone’s lives. I recommend reading the previous 4 books in the Marshals series.

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