Download Behind Closed Doors [PDF] By Elle Gray

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Behind Closed Doors Book pdf download for free or read online, also Behind Closed Doors pdf was written by Elle Gray.

BookBehind Closed Doors
AuthorElle Gray
Size1.5 MB

Behind Closed Doors Book PDF download for free

Behind Closed Doors Book PDF download for free

Behind Closed Doors is another part of the Olivia Knight series and is set in Hollywood, California. To me, the story between Blake and Olivia overshadows the mystery surrounding Hollywood dudes, which isn’t really compelling. However, the ending is a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more.

This book addresses the FBI shenanigans of Brock and Olivia. Take a look at the Hollywood lifestyle and its sad consequences. At first I was not that drawn to this book. Usually their feats are much more exciting. However, the ending leaves us itching for an answer and another part. I’m all for Brock and Olivia not breaking up.

Behind Closed Doors Pdf Download

There is a dark side to the glitz and glamor of Hollywood that few outsiders see. FBI Agent Olivia and Brock are about to find out just how immoral it can be. When successful and also very charismatic actor Landon Brown disappears without even a trace, the duo must break into exclusive circle of the celebrities and then get to the bottom of the truth.

As they start to navigate the treacherous terrain of the A-listers, then they discover that everyone has something to hide. From powerhouse producers to drug-addicted stars, each step they take brings up more questions and reveals the most shocking scandals. Was Landon Brown living a double life?
The more Olivia and Brock discover, the more they learn about the disturbing realities that lurk beneath Hollywood’s glitzy facade.

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