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The King’s Queen Book pdf download for free or read online, also The King’s Queen pdf was written by K. M. Shea.

BookThe King’s Queen
AuthorK. M. Shea
Size1.9 MB

The King’s Queen Book PDF download for free

The King's Queen Book PDF download for free
The King’s Queen Book PDF download for free

I was so excited for The King’s Queen book to come out that the night before it came out in the US I logged on to the UK website and read the preview, which consisted of four chapters. But I couldn’t buy it there, so I had to wait until today to read the rest. And while I waited, I was so drawn to the characters of the story that I re-read the first two books over and over for a good 10 days. There are so strange and mysterious things about them.

I kept wondering about French Fry the garbage picker and his relationship with Chloe and how I could show up outside of the Night Court realm and find her everywhere. He was one of the most likeable, funniest and most engaging characters on the show.

The King’s Queen Pdf Download

In The King’s Queen book, the issues and challenges that kept Chloe and Noctus apart are finally resolved as they each take steps that previously seemed impossible. When Chloe comes across the Tracker who has gotten much braver and has taken a human hostage with a knife by his throat, she must make the decision to spread out and rescue them and finish off the Tracker.

She does so, but is unable to kill him, and although she disables him, he summons the power of her tattoo and deals a massive blow to her head. She manages to transform into a cat and crawl and hide, but she is in great pain and unable to transform back into a human or move from this spot. Somehow some elves took pictures of the black cats they see and one takes a picture of her when they take her to a shelter. He makes his way over to Charon, who ends up showing Noctus, and that pretty much breaks his no-contact rule.

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He, Charon, Aristidies and Ker arrive at the shelter and rescue them, Noctus even risking getting caught by using his magic to make the opponent forget. He still tries to respect the no contact by taking her back to his study and using potions to make sure she’s healed enough since he can’t use his binding magic to heal her.

Chloe connects with the Curia Cloisters regarding the tracker attack. If you think she’s going to hit someone low to mid level, guess who’s coming out and hitting her other than the Paragon. He tries to interfere, takes her to his pocket kingdom, gives her some tea, which she doesn’t mind because magic passes through her. And then Paragon tricks them into taking them to Noctus’ house in Cape Cod. Realizing what is happening, she turns into a cat and tries to run away, but Noctus is too quick and picks her up. From that moment on, they will gradually reconnect.

But once she accepts her binding magic again, she still cannot access her inherited weapons, and Chloe usually suffers from anxiety. She just doesn’t think that she’s as strong as that everyone thinks she is. But eventually, at the climax of this book, he finds a way to connect to his strength through fear. And in a very surprising way, he chooses the deadliest weapon from Mors’ heritage, one that Noctus cannot use because it would destroy him.

Like most of the Magiford series trilogies, even if it doesn’t look like it and doesn’t believe in her strengths, Chloe emerges as a very strong female character who can finally accept that she is equal or superior to Noctus. . Seeing this gradual transformation from constant fear and anxiety to fear of Noctus up to this point is a wonderful evolution. When the people she loves are in danger, she takes him out and saves them all.

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Usually in books of this type, which I enjoy reading, there is sex. There is no sex in either of these trilogies. That didn’t strike me as a problem because it actually removed a distraction from the story and the emphasis on growing affection, love and closeness. What I missed is the lack of more body awareness between the two. There was a lot of body awareness between Noctus and Chloe as a cat. But there was just no awareness of her physical attraction and the appeal of other’s senses beyond holding hands and a few kisses.

Touch, taste, smell were not part of this physical evolution and could have been. Without her, a lot of it felt disconnected. It wasn’t so much in the Night Court trilogy, because whenever Rigel and Leila slept in each other’s beds, she would always snuggle under the covers next to him and he would leave her behind, and that created a sense of physical closeness.

I’m so sad to see this ending. I would like to see more of Shiloh and the Paragon. And what about these three guys? I also find them magical. And Miss Booker? What’s wrong with her? Is she a sorceress with no family but maybe with a house? Your bookshelf certainly looks sensible. And yes, french fries.

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