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Belle Macabre New Orleans National chapter book pdf download for free or read online, also Belle Macabre New Orleans National chapter pdf was written by KC Kean.

BookBelle Macabre
AuthorKC Kean
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Belle Macabre Book PDF download for free

Belle Macabre Book PDF download for free

Ethan Hudson grew up listening to Royal Bastards MC
son of Spectre, one of the founding members,
The club has always been his life and home,

Until Rancid takes over and Jameson disappears.
After protecting one of his brothers, he is deemed disloyal and must face the consequences.

Rancid wants him dead and has put a bounty on his head.
Running away is not an option as Rancid’s minions are after him.
Tired and exhausted, he stops at a restaurant where he receives an invitation.

Come, everyone, to the Cirque Diabolique.
A place with a very dark history, a hidden past and also where nightmares dwell.
With a bruised face and no choice, he seeks solace amidst the shadows.

Here he finds a beautiful girl who is looking for freedom.
A girl who needs him as much as he needs her.
But when the shadows draw near and the demons rise
Can he save her before they both fall into her clutches?

Belle Macabre is read after Wrecked from Malice and before Coerced Into Submission.
It’s a twisted retelling of Beauty and the Beast, heed the warnings in the Dear Reader section.

Belle Macabre Book Pdf Download

BELLE MACABRE is the 4.5. Part of the RBMC/CIRQUE DIABOLIQUE Adult Contemporary Supernatural MC Series by Crimson Syn, part of the ROYAL B*STARDS Multi-Author MC Series. This is the story of Belle and Ethan “Macabre” Hudson. BELLE MACABRE can be read independently without difficulty. All important information from the previous stories will be revealed if necessary.

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WARNING: Due to the premise nature of the plot, there may be triggers for more sensitive readers.

NOTE: The BELLE MACABRE events take place approximately ten to thirteen years ago.

BELLE MACABRE is told from four first-person perspectives (Macabre, Belle, Serge, Lazarus) and focuses on Belle and Macabre’s struggle for freedom. Thirteen years earlier, Belle, then 16, witnessed the brutal murder of her mother at the hands of her evil stepfather. Since no one could help her, Belle signed a “contract” with the erotic and supernatural Cirque Diabolique, a contract that signed the life and soul of our heroine.

It would be three years before another “fugitive” left his presence at the Cirque Diabolique, a presence that would force the demons to take control. Enter Ethan ‘Macabre’ Hudson, the man Bella would fall in love with. Macabre has a target on his back: a fleeing man; traveling to unknown places until he is “guided” to a circus of debauchery where he will find his heart and save the soul of the woman he loves. What follows is the rapid build-up of Belle and Macabre’s relationship and the aftermath as Belle’s flight to freedom stirs up the demons that control the crowd.

Belle and Macabre’s relationship is one of immediate appeal, but Belle has given her life and soul to an unknown being, a demon who feeds on the lustful sins of others. Macabre must go into hiding, staying one step ahead of the MC who betrayed his family, but staying with Cirque means selling his soul to the demon in charge. In order to free the woman he has fallen in love with, Macabre asks for a favor, a favor that will cost her dearly. The $ex scenes are erotic and intense.

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We’re introduced to “Ringmaster” Serge Bastien and the dark angel Lazarus, as well as “Waitress” Ginger and various members of the MC, who weave in and out of the premise of the storyline.

BELLE MACABRE is a story about eroticism, betrayal, power and control. The premise is unsettling and unconventional in the MC world; the characters are desperately broken and controlled by an unknown power; The romance is edgy and dark.

Belle Macabre is the story of Macabre and Belle and is an intense, dark, somber read. It’s a tale of betrayal and many broken souls trying to find their way in this dark and devilish world they have entered. Cirque Diabolique is unlike anything you can imagine, and it’s definitely not a world you want to enter lightly. Being trapped in the ringmaster’s world can be more than you expected.

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