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Beyond The Badge book pdf download for free or read online, also Beyond The Badge pdf was written by Jeanne St. James.

BookBeyond The Badge
AuthorJeanne St. James
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Beyond The Badge Book PDF download for free

Beyond The Badge Book PDF download for free

When a challenge arises that needs to be resisted, is it better to fight the urge or just say shit?

Shane Fletcher really loves his job as a state trooper. Even more so when he goes to work incognito.
When the DEA creates a task force to stop the Deadly Demons, an outlaw MC, from trafficking meth into Pennsylvania, Fletch jumps at the opportunity to get involved.

The Tri-State Federal Drug Task Force consists not only of some members of their own Blue Avengers MC fraternity, but also includes law enforcement agencies from other agencies.

Among them was Nova Wilder, a special agent of the FBI. A sane and no-nonsense woman whose specialty is fighting organized crime.

When Fletch and Nova go the undercover with Dirty Angels MC, they’re really forced to work as the partners, share an apartment, and also pretend they’re a couple.

Just living nearby and acting like a biker and his old lady is the easy part in the end. What turns out to be the hardest thing is trying to resist each other so as not to screw up the task.

It really turns out the demons aren’t the only problem they really have to deal with. Unbeknownst to them, a quite more powerful threat lurks, ready to strike.
Beyond the Badge: Fletch is the 1 book in the Blue Avengers MC series. Due to the continuing storylines (subplots), reading this six-book action/adventure series in order is STRONGLY recommended. This series has no cheating or cliffhangers in relationships.

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Beyond The Badge Pdf Download

An absolutely fantastic start to a new series with an MC mentioned in previous series. I love seeing the club being built from the ground up and although they’ve been around for a while I really like where Axel is taking it. It’s getting interesting. However, if you factor in a covert op in all of this, you’ve got one hell of a ride.

Fletch is the VP of the Blue Avengers MC and a Pennsylvania State Trooper. He is happy with his life and knows what it’s worth. Hired by the FBI, Nova is a strong and capable partner. Their first encounter, however, fascinating. Working together requires patience, understanding and trust. These two together are a great addition to the world that Jeanne St. James has created.

Shane is a member of the Blue Avengers, a riding club for state police and law enforcement agencies.
Nova is a special agent for the FBI. While on a special task force, they go undercover as a couple with the Dirty Angels (an earlier series).

There is a lot of world building going on in the book that needs to happen in order to set the stage for the future series. The main characters also seemed very critical of the MC family’s lifestyle, which they used as a cover. I suspect this was intentional given the nature of the story, I’m just very protective of Dirty Angels as it’s an amazing series ?
Overall, I enjoyed the story and I’m excited to see how this story unfolds.

The start of a new series and this one has everything I love: strong and confident heroes, lots of humor and warmth. I especially loved that it was an MC made up entirely of law enforcement. This was a first for me and I devoured every inch of it. Nobody does male relationships better than JStJ. Some of my favorite parts involve the men’s conversations and interactions – this isn’t an M/M book at all, it’s all M/F, but the men’s interactions and friendships are spot on. I loved the romance. I loved the plot and the story. I really loved the new characters and also can’t wait for the next one. Buckle up, we’re ready to go.

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Fletch is a state trooper and about Nova works for the FBI. Both are said to show up as Biker and his old lady undercover at Dirty Angels MC. You must find the source of the drugs put into her condition by another MC and stop him. Nova is strong, strong and independent. Fletch is more relaxed and things start to heat up as they live and act like a couple.

Their interest in each other is immediate, something both of them don’t know because of their assignment on the important case. After a short time of living and working together, this chemistry can no longer be overlooked.

It’s not only intense in the bedroom, but also on the case, which is becoming increasingly complex and dangerous.
This story was a great start for the new series. These were really great characters that added the suspense, humor, romance and also danger to the story. I can’t wait to see what the next story will bring. After reading this I am reminded of how much I loved the Dirty Angels series and will read it again next.

One thing I love about Jeanne St. James is that when she writes a book, she researches and brings the facts as close to reality as possible. I love how the book begins with “Using Terms” to familiarize everyone with the players and the jargon used in their profession. Fletch is the first book in the new Beyond the Badge series starring lawyers and the Blue Avengers MC.

This book sets the tone for the new series, which focuses on a task force created by the DEA to stop the Deadly Demons’ methamphetamine trafficking in Pennsylvania. Fletch aka Ghost and Nova aka Kitten go the undercover with the help of MC, the Dirty Angels, to gather the information and also evidence against the demons.

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Fletch and Nova’s attraction is difficult to fight, and no matter how hard they try, they can’t control their feelings. Working undercover gives them the opportunity to find out what life would be like if they were a real couple. This book is very well written and the banter between the Avengers and the Angels is entertaining. I loved the story, the plot twists, the undeniable chemistry between the characters and the brotherhood they all share. This series is off to a fantastic start and I can’t wait for the next one!

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