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The Other Belle book pdf download for free or read online, also The Other Belle pdf was written by Whitney G.

BookThe Other Belle
AuthorWhitney G
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The Other Belle Book PDF download for free

The Other Belle Book PDF download for free

Those are thirteen words I don’t want to say to the bestial man who kidnapped me in the middle of the night and forced me on an endless journey through the woods.

As he desperately tries to break a tragic nationwide curse that has ruined him to the core, I am determined to escape and find my way home.

I’m not the woman he wants anyway…

He loves my sister, the beautiful book loving girl who wants more out of life and believes that a prince is all she needs to find a happy ending.

Of course, he has no idea she’s neither, and as much as I’d like to deny the chemistry between us, the only punishment I can take is limited, and I may be forced to finally submit to his wishes…

Until then, I will refrain from approaching a man like him, a true villain destined for Hell…

I’ll never have the real me, the other Bella…

The Other Belle Pdf Download

THE OTHER BELLA is not a contemporary version of Beauty and the Beast. There are horses, swords and a bit of magic, as any serious fairy tale should have. Not only will you recognize elements from the original fairy tale, but the author introduces other recognizable fairy tale personalities as supporting characters, further defining this fantastical world.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that the story was inspired by Wicked, the Wizard of Oz remake, as I enjoyed how this remake made the fairy tale more than just a bedtime story. In THE OTHER BELLE, the characters are forced to detach themselves from the fantasy world and face real feelings of betrayal, anger, jealousy, fear, loss and love.

This is a departure from Whitney G’s contemporary romance novels. Read it without trying to live up to any specific expectations and you’ll enjoy the journey into the world of THE OTHER BELLE.

I’ve been waiting for this book since I read an excerpt. The excerpt doesn’t do this book justice. I couldn’t stop reading it. Every page fascinated me. I loved that the characters were the ones I knew from my childhood and wow how they’ve certainly changed.

It took me a while because I wasn’t thinking to realize that there are two Belles, one named Belle and one named Izzie. The Other Bella, or my Bella, my love, was treated terribly. I wanted to get into the book and help her, but she knows how to survive. Belle has a friend who she texts and although he wants to meet him, she refuses. I found out early on who the boyfriend was, but who would have thought?

Bella’s family treats her miserably and it reminded me of how her evil stepsisters treated Cinderella, except this is Bella’s royal family. Cinderella still has her evil stepsisters, but she can help Belle.
I don’t want to give more away so I’ll just say that if you like some twists and turns of some of the characters in your classic books, Whitney G. got it right.

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I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book as it is completely different from what Whitney G usually writes. As always, I was blown away by her creativity and talent! The story was sweet, cheeky, with lots of wit, angst and steam. It was a page turner that caught my attention from the start. Not only did the love story between Belle and Gabriel captivate me, but I was also able to see other fairy tales through her eyes. There were so many references I’ve honestly lost count. I had a lot of fun with them throughout the story.

I have to admit I loved the epilogue so much. I know it was only a few pages, but it was great to see that they have a child, are in love, and book jokes are still a part of their lives. This is a quick read that you are sure to love! Escape reality for a day and let yourself be transported to another world that is familiar but seen through a different lens.

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