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Beyond The Wand: The Magic And Mayhem Of Growing Up A Wizard book pdf download for free or read online, also Beyond The Wand: The Magic And Mayhem Of Growing Up A Wizard pdf was written by Tom Felton.

Thomas Andrew Felton born on 22 September year 1987 is an English actor best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the film adaptations of the Harry Potter fantasy novels by J.K. Rowling.

Thomas Andrew Felton was born in Epsom, Surrey on September 22, year 1987, the youngest of four children born to Peter Felton and Sharon Anstey. His parents divorced when he was a teenager. His maternal grandfather is geophysicist Nigel Anstey.

Felton was educated at Cranmore School in West Horsley until the age of 13, after which he attended Howard School of Effingham for his secondary education. Felton developed an interest into the singing during his childhood and then he subsequently joined the school choirs; he was offered a place in the Guildford Cathedral Choir.

BookBeyond The Wand: The Magic And Mayhem Of Growing Up A Wizard
AuthorTom Felton

Beyond The Wand Book PDF download for free

Beyond The Wand The Magic And Mayhem Of Growing Up A Wizard Book PDF download for free

From magical moments on set as Draco Malfoy to the challenges of growing up in the spotlight, get a behind-the-scenes pass into Tom Felton’s life on and off the big screen.

Tom Felton’s youth was anything but ordinary. His early rise to fame in popular movies like The Borrowers catapulted him into the spotlight, but nothing could prepare him for what was to come after he landed the iconic role of Draco Malfoy, the bleached-blond villain of the Harry Potter movies. For the next ten years, he was at the center of a huge pop culture phenomenon, and yet between filming, he transformed back into a normal teenager trying to fit in at a normal school.

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Beyond The Wand Book Pdf Download

Speaking with great candor and trademark humor, Tom shares his experiences growing up as part of the wizarding world while trying to navigate the Muggle world. He tells stories of his early days in the business, such as his first acting job, where he was mistaken for blond child actor Macaulay Culkin, and his audition for Harry Potter where, in a move much like Draco’s, he faked how good he was. it was.

He knew that the books were based on series (not at all). He reflects on his experiences working with the likes of Alan Rickman, Sir Michael Gambon, Dame Maggie Smith, and Ralph Fiennes (including that awkward hug from Voldemort). And, perhaps most poignantly, he talks about the enduring relationships he’s forged over that decade of filming, including with Emma Watson, who started out as a troubled nine-year-old who was teased for not knowing what a boom mic was, but who.

she soon became one of her dearest friends. Then, of course, there are the ups and downs of fame and navigating through life after such a momentous and life-changing experience.

Beyond the Wand by Tom Felton is an entertaining, funny and heartwarming read for any Harry Potter fan. Get ready to meet a real magician.

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